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Well yesterday was the last day of the local flea market where I sell and I did a final walk through to say goodbye to all the friends I've made this year when I spotted something. A Fog f/x model 1749 and a new 1-qt. bottle of fog juice for $10. I've bought from the seller before and he assured me it worked fine, which it does.

I've been wanting a fogger for some time, but can't afford one of the expensive models and have been apprehensive about the cheaper ones. I'm very happy with it and after searching the forum have found that a few others have been pleased with this particular model. Now I'll have to build a fog cooler :)

The bummer is that everyone has conflicting work schedules so we're not going to have a party this year. I guess I'll start preparing for the 2010 scare season instead. There is a haunted asylum nearby, so maybe I'll get to go check it out this year.

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