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a gift idea for halloween for kids

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i tought i'd pass along my little find , today is my daugther's bday and she is 6 and she loves to draw .

so i have found a cool little gift at walmart that can fit halloween gifts for kids or to give as treat with candy to trick treaters at halloween , it is called silly scents from crayola , it is 8 markers with the following scents dragon drool , freaky phoenix , belching baboon , enchanted forest , scary movie, abominable snowman , voodoo vapour and witch's brew ....and we smell cool like witch brew smells like marshmallow , belching baboon smells like bananas , enchanted forest smells like pine , dragon drool smells like someone with bad bad breath LOL

their not expensive 4$ canadian ( about 2,50$ US) i think and i know their are other packages too with smells like smashed pumpkin , alien armpit etc and some in pack of 16 markers but i wasnt able to find those in stores here .

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