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Some pictures of the decorations and from our party which was Peanuts-themed.
Event Costume
A friend in a warped Teddy (or is it deady) bear costume, with his little tagalong buddy.
Costume Ghost Fictional character
Us in our costumes on top of costumes
Event Costume
Artist and easel - pretty clever and easy to do!
Event Room Art
Quint and HOOPER!
Event Room Costume Recreation Games
Zombie soccer mom - At first I thought she was a soccer mom that got into a fight with the referee!
Event Room Suit Formal wear Games
Come on down! It's THE PRICE IS RIGHT!
Green Cool Neon Headgear Glasses
I loved the way her clown costume glowed under the blacklight
Room Furniture
Lucy at her psychiatric booth. Made out of cardboard.
Light Lighting Room Laser tag Animation
Welcoming you into the haunt.
Blue Light Violet Purple Performance
Blue strobe onto corpse in real casket. Very effective.
Pc game Adventure game Screenshot Darkness Games
Some elements. Much less effective with a flash!
Room Lighting Interior design Furniture Dining room
Dining room before the party. Less elaborate than in past years.
Pumpkin trick-or-treat Jack-o'-lantern Yard Calabaza
The "Pumpkin Patch" ...
Yard Lawn Garden Grass Tree
...and the Peanuts Trick or Treat gang.
Flowerpot Purple Stone carving Garden Yard
What do you do when your garden cherubim loses her head? Make a Halloween prop out of her!
Lighting Light Night Landscape lighting Christmas lights
House from the driveway.
Skull Performance
Closeup of the pall bearers.
Vehicle Art Car
Had to move the lawn tractor out from the garage so might as well make it part of the display. Fog machine under the tractor operated via remote. In the back is my new Twitching Banshee. I am very pleased with her.
Green Room Fictional character Art
The fog from the machine really enhanced the pictures.
Gentleman Fictional character
Our greeter wishes you adieu...and pleasant screams!

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Nice combination of scary and funny. How did you do the stone wall effect? Is it paper or carved styrofoam or what?
The walls are 4x8 sheets of painted cardboard. I actually tossed them out after Halloween this year. They were getting bent and warped from humidity, and after using them for ..9 years?, I'm ready to do something different.
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