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A young voice said they had been here last year.
They have always "Hated" Haunted Houses!
They scared them too much!
We told them if they got too scared to tell us right away and we can turn on more lights for them.
They thought:"I Will Need Those Lights!"
But,they Never did .. because the house is so Interesting and the tour is so funny!
Now this is their favorite place to go!... Every Year!
They asked if there was anything "New" in the house?
Guess what! I sometimes become carried away and give someone maybe a three hour house tour, but if that happens, i still have not shown them everything here that there is to see !
I may tell this house's odd stories and it's ghost stories for a few hours, and I still will not have told all of them!
Each room has different routines and effects, but I usually pick and choose which ones I will be doing...sometimes this depends upon the audience.
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