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We were busy today and tonight taking into account the time of the year that it is, since school and school sports have started.
A family arrived here whose family members did not all speak English, and one young person is of diminished capacity.
After everyone sort of settled in here, that special needs person had a smile for everything that was going on around them and was eager to partake of the experiences too,smiling the whole time.
What with also an elderly Grandma along in the group,they did move very slowly through the house. Her Family even "Set Grandma up" for one scare that she had missed when she was using the Bathroom.
Sweet little Grandma always said a small "Oiy!" when she got scared, very cute!
We helped them take their group photos outside the house at the tour's conclusion.
My Wife told me that they had attended a large,well-advertised Haunt last year, which charges over twice our admission price.
Often times we can be very flexible here for people and modify their tour to suit them better, something I think probably could not happen at the other place.
The Mother gave out one very terrific scream during the tour, which got recorded... another scream to possibly put on my answering machine!
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