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The battery on my Spook-mobile which was to be in a parade 17 miles away at 9:30 that morning, as I am finding a dead battery in the car at 2am, that same morning and it's a Holiday, nothing will be open.
Plan "B". I cobbled together a display of sorts on my 2008 Jeep Wrangler.
The weather forecast was for nothing but rain. If I would have followed my instincts I would have removed the hardtop roof and it's 4 doors anyway, because it turned out to be a really nice-weather day!
I had welded several short pieces of steel pipe together to make an almost set of "Bull's Horns which I bolted to the metal bars I made several years ago over the weak, plastic radiator "Grill".
On the ends of the "horns" I impaled two wig heads. Not wanting to seem gory or like a woman-hater (A woman is always the victim?) I wrapped both heads with cloth, tied the necks of the cloth closed with some wire. Then I cut some random slots in the cloth and pulled some of their head-hair out through the slots.
Then with a wide black marker I wrote several times on the cloths:"No Zombies." (They must be Zombie Heads!"?)
I have been in this same parade for many years and I knew that a large number of elderly and a large number of kids would be along the parade route, which of course, they were.
I have been doing this so long that even with no signs on the Jeep , most people recognized me, waved, called me by name, and also told their friends:"That's Ravens Grin!"
In this village of maybe 500 people, on parade day people come from many miles away and fill the sidewalks and side streets for the carnival atmosphere.
My guess is there was probably 5,000 people watching the parade!
There are only 12,000 people in this county.??
There are old Tractors,New Tractors Fire trucks, old cars, business machines and service clubs in this parade, and a few odd items. like me!
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