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I wanted to take a minute to thank you all for the amazing ideas and advice that is so freely given here. We had an amazing Halloween this year that lasted all month it seems. Standing in our front yard Halloween night people were asking me: Where does this come from for you? I tell them the stories about my dad always decorating, and working on a bat on a wire that would come down from the eaves of our house to the front door, and the time he turned a pumpkin into Jaws for my brother to win a pumpkin carving contest. But that is only the root - the endless amount of creativity displayed here is what really inspires. Things I have made/done after reading this forum: a full size animated toe pincher, several large tombstones, 30+ feet of graveyard fence and a gate, how to light a graveyard (crucial!), wiring my own led spotlights, playing the winking murderer, rebuilding my foggers, spending the extra $$ for Froggys (also crucial!), glowing coals, even simple things like easier storage.

So as I'm having this conversation, in between deluges of rain, with the foggers going nuts (something about the rain made them work REALLY well...), and an SUV pulls up that is full of people. Mostly adults, all dressed as zombies. They aren't trick or treating - they drove to my house to take their picture in front of my graveyard. And apparently they had been talking about it all week. I was amazed and dumbfounded. Thank you Halloween Forum!

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