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9v LED Prop light group buy. Feeling it out

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All gone. Happy Haunting
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Hey I know I'm really getting in late, but do you happen to have a couple of the blue ones left?
I have more. I also have some with a battery case instead of a snap which has an on/off switch.

Battery snap $11
Battery case with on/off switch $13
Does that include shipping? I live in California.
I just sent $26 thru PayPal to your email. I have never used PayPal without an invoice before so I hope I did it right. Please let me know that it went to you and not someone else! It says on here there are more than one Industen just with a little differences in the email address. I want 2 blue LED lites with the on/off switches. Thanks much! Should be in your bank by now.

(in case you got this msg a couple of times, i was having a problem sending it..or rather not sending it right)
Just have to say I received mine and they are a great product. Well built, great light output; and can be used as a mini flood for your prop. Put out a pretty impressive amount of light for size, and portability make them that much better.
Anymore of these with the on/off switch left ?
Glad I got two. But the LED eyes are still very usefull as floods. Just incase others are interested.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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