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My wife is a member of a fiber arts guild that meets at different member's homes throughout the year. We talked it over and decided since we were decorating for our Halloween Party that she should offer to host this week's meeting. We rushed to get everything done, and I used black plastic to block out any outdoor light (afternoon meeting).
After their get together in the house they were invited to tour the "Garage of Terror" (ok, maybe an exageration :) ). Everyone came over including Dot, 94 years old and anxious to be in on the fun. She brought her walker in the haunt and was setting off tricks as it rolled over the footpads. She'd laugh and comment and move on. I introduced her to "Uncle Ebeneezer" our rocking chair corpse. I told her he's been hanging around awhile, she laughed and said "Well, he looks good to me!" She left smiling and laughing, as did all the members.
It was great having a full run-through, knowing that it's ready for our party this week-end, but also sharing it with the group who was in on the fun.
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