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9 volt battery amperage (mAh)?

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Ok, this is driving me nuts....I am in need of a "9 volt battery eliminator/adapter" to power a set of LED eyes controlled by a color changing / fading circuit...here's my dilemma - When the unit is powered by a 9 Volt battery, it works fine...BUT, when I try different 9 volt adapters (i.e. each having a different milliamp / amp rating), I get nothing, not even a flicker....so my question is, obviously this circuit requires exactly a 9 Volt battery to power itself (and must have some protection as to not get overpowered or underpowered), therefore, can anyone tell me what the mAH / amp rating is of a standard alkaline 9 Volt battery, so I can size an AC/DC adapter to use in its place? It sucks to all "royal hehaw" to have to keep replacing batteries for something so trivial....Ahhhgg....:eek:
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A few other things you might want to try...
1) Measure the voltage at the connector when the 9v batt is connected
2) Measure the voltage at the power supply before you connect it to the board, and...
3) Measure the voltage at the connector after connecting the power supply

This will give you an idea of what voltage the board 'likes', and how the circuit is affecting the power supply voltage (i.e.: if the current draw is pulling down the voltage or not).

- Hook
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