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9 for 99 cents at the 99 Cent Only stores

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If you have a 99 Cent Only store nearby, it may be worth checking out because all of their Halloween stuff is now 9 for 99 cents. Yes, 11 cents each. My daughter is having a Walking Dead birthday party this weekend and we got bags and bags of hands, feet, arms, legs, fingers, noses, and ears, as well as some brain jello molds. All told, we spent about $9. It's never too early to stock up for next Halloween!
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Now that was too tempting of news to not check out at lunch today while I was in the area. Last time I was in they still had plenty of the severed arms and legs on the racks. Sadly no luck for me although I did find 1 severed arm hidden under other stuff so made it mine along with 8 other items for a whopping cost of 99 Cents. My store had a few packages of the dead body part meats like the fingers, etc. Also saw some necklaces of severed fingers. Several dozen flasks in red and gray plastic from previous years, the costumes items you see below, lots and lots of hand-size spiders, makeup, some signage, bloody gauze and bloody gauze head caps (I used both of these items btw in my haunt this year but didn't need more now). Some lenticular prints still left. Obviously each store will be different. I thought it was worth a trip in to look. Skelly215, sounds like you really made out for your daughter's party. Gee $9 buys you some 81 items. That's like shopping for the whole year there for me!

Here's what I was met with in my store:

Don't know if anyone else had this thought occur to them or not, but they seemed to be clearing out all of their halloween items including those that must have been forgotten in the back room from last year, and I hope they weren't getting rid of this because they won't be carrying halloween in the future. Most stores will repack their leftovers and save for next year. Just a scary thought because I do like the kinds of unique things they have carried each halloween and don't want to see it end.

Thanks for the heads up Skelly215. Once halloween is over I generally don't go back in to the store for a while.
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