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Hello fellow haunters!!! Merry Christmas I bring you a fantastic opportunity this holiday season. I was contacted today by the man who sold me Violet and he let me know he has another hearse for sale. She's an 87 Cadillac thats black and silver. Im assuming silver body black top. It has 67,000 and is in even better shape than my Violet. If I could I would snatch her up myself, but I don't think my hubs would appreciate an new addition to the family. :D

Anyway he planned on putting it on ebay but remembered that I know a bunch of halloween folks who might be interested so he decided to offer her to people who would really appreciate her before he throws her up on ebay and will probably make more than the $2800 he is asking for. If you are interested in getting a fantastic ride please PM me for his number and you can contact him directly. The hearse is located in Vicksburg, KY.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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