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72 Hour Fire Sale Underway at vidscenes.com!

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It's been one of those years, folks, and as Halloween breathes down my neck I find myself just wanting to have a quick last blast before moving on to other work for the next few months. And since we're so close to The Night, I figured I'd better sweeten the deal, so here it is:

For 72 hours (less, actually, since the countdown has already begun!), I'm offering The Kitchen Sink --$600+ of downloadable videos usually sold for $325-- for $50. Yep. $50. 5-0. No typo.

The Kitchen Sink

Not only is this more than 90% off the full retail value of our catalog, but since you're actually purchasing what amounts to a personalized coupon or a one-year subscription, you'll be able to download videos I haven't even added yet! Any Christmas videos I put up, any non-holiday stock video I post for the next year, all of it will be yours to download.

There are no strings attached, no catch. The only downside is that you have less than three days to take advantage of it. Don't wait too long!