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7.1 sound, VSA, and DMXorcist

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I want to use multiple 7.1 surround sound cards in conjunction with VSA to allow some rooms to have a full surround experience. I know that VSA can control multiple cards but the sound file is limited to 2 channel stereo and to get the 7.1 ability I would need to use DMXorcist. Can I use these in together in that I can run multiple 7.1 sound cards with a 7.1 audio file?

Another question on DMXorcist, is this mostly software with the USB box allowing trigger inputs?

Thanks for your help, I am new and already starting to get over my head.
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With the newest version of VSA (4.x), you can use multiple 7.1 surround soundcards, and take advantage of the additional audio channels beyond simple stereo. You'll need to download the wavavimux utility from Microsoft to combine your tracks. Rename the output file as a .wav, and load into VSA. You'll be able to see any of the channels in the waveform view, simply select it from the dropdown.

I did this last year with 5.1, and it worked great.

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