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Hello, Tom here, I would like to share my horror/halloween site 66 Ways to Die Presents.

Take a trip thru a virtual haunted castle with terrifying visuals and chilling sounds. And yes there are 66 different ways you can die trying to escape the castle. This project took me close to two years to develop and a few bucks out of my wallet, but it was fun and worthwhile to do. Hope you get a chance to explore it.

But be warned this is no 5 minute terror ride online. It will take you around 2-4 hours trying to escape from the castle. You will venture thru a multitude of scenarios such as The Cathedral of Ghosts, Carnival for the Suicidal, The Dark Woods of the Hell Dogs, The Dead Pirate's Pier, Jungle of the Pre-historic Zombie Beast, Morbid Manor Neighborhood, The Bedchamber of Blood, and much more. All filled with obvious and not so obvious clues how to get out of the predictaments you find yourself in.

Tip: Pay attention to what the characters tell you. Some give you clues how to get out of future scenarios. Retaining information of the main character Master Jonathan Viperous is key to making it out of the castle.

Hope you enjoy! Click on the banner below to begin......

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