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I have an extra set of 6" paper/cardboard letters spelling out WONDERLAND that I didn't end up using last year. $20 via paypal, includes shipping (US only please).

I used several sets of letters spelling out various phrases for my Wicked Wonderland party last year (I think it's very fitting to use words for a theme based on a book) here are some examples of how I used them (all of these already sold via Etsy):

We're All Mad Here - painted in "cheshire cat print"
My Craftastic Creations: Tips & Tricks: Wicked Wonderland Cheshire Cat Scene

Mad Tea Party - painted with Tulip glow paint
My Craftastic Creations: Blacklight Experiments, Continued...

Wonderland - painted with red and black craft paint (these were the bigger size letters
My Craftastic Creations: Tips & Tricks: Queen of Hearts Scene
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