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For sale or trade. 6 member skeleton rock band. There is a drummer with drums, two guitarists with guitars, one keyboard player with keyboard, one singer with microphone and one with bongo skull drums.
These are static props with flashing eyes. All eyes do work and flash. These are made of latex over a steel frame. The arms and legs are bendable for posing. The latex is in very good condition with no cracking at all. It is still very soft on all of the skeletons.
The cross bone stands are made of plaster with latex overlay. On a few of the cross bone stands the latex is torn and a few are broken on the inside of the latex. The are usable as they are as you can see in the pictures. There is a picture of each of the bone cross stands so you can see there condition.
Click on the pictures in photobucket to see the full picture as they only show part of the picture unless you click on the picture
I am asking $975.00 plus shipping cash or trade. Local pick up preferred.
Trade: Send me a picture or pm of what you have you never know. Prop controllers, animatronics, pneumatics

If you want any more pictures please let me know
http://smg.photobucket.com/user/Te_thatsme/media/The Band/bones_zps1efa0527.jpg.html



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