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6" Holographic Twinkling Snowflake Spheres - GKI Bethlehem Lighting - Halloween use?

Not sure what I'm going to do with these Halloween-wise. But kept buying more and more of them on subsequent visits to a JR Cigar store in Selma, NC after Christmas. Believe they were $20, knocked down to $10, then $5 each! They're waterproof and battery operated. Could make good crystal balls for a Seance scene. I like the three switchable fade modes and the fact that they can operate on a timer; forget now, but it may be a 4 to 6 hour nightly run-time. Ended up with at least two of each color they offered: white/clear, red, green, and blue. So I've got a whole stack of them boxed-up. Haven't inventoried so I probably have a few extras.

*Not* my video:
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