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Jon Hyers/Outrageous Media is having an Inventory Clearance Sale 50% OFF- good from February - May 2015 for Phone Orders or PayPal "send money" payments.

This sale is so far only announced here, for any forum member who sees it [because I have no ability to add this message to my website, which was made by a web company who closed his business]. You can check out my DVD and Music items that date from 1997 - 2013, at www.outrageous-media.com There were about 10 additional DVDs that were released in 2014, which are not yet on the website. But for anyone who emails me, I have a page of the you tubes and normal prices ready to send to you. [email protected] [not here on the forum]

Payment can be made by PHONE, by calling 651-704-0545, and that info and my email are on my website in the contact page. Payments can also be made via paypal, and since my website does not have the 50% offer function, I simply "Physically and Personally" calculate your total and tell you what that amount is. Buy one and get a 2nd free kind of thing.

Larry stated prices must be listed. Well, since I don't know what you are going to buy, I can't say ALL the prices for more than 100 DVDs and CDs, but the range is generally $20-50 for projection Effects DVDs normally, and $150 for the How To DVDs. Prices at 50% off, would, be half of that. Shipping still charged however. So that's it in essence, 50% off sale Feb - June.

I am working on a number of new FX this year, enclosed is a STILL photo of just one of many new Spirit Effects. These will come inside Graveyards, as well as against BLACK for window, wall, rear screen, scrim type applications.

[email protected] http://www.outrageous-media.com Action-adventure game Screenshot Organism Adventure game Underwater
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