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While this could readily go in "Halloween Costume Ideas" or "Haunted Humor," I wish to offer an idea for an event: a 4H Critter Costume Contest. Similar events are held around the country, like Halloween strolls held by humane societies and such, but you usually just see dogs or the occasional pig. For the past couple years (at least), the Clallam County Fair has held costume contests for the many animal classes (as in cat, dog, rabbit and pika, horse and pony, goat and sheep, etc). This seems like a great Halloween event for an agriculture club or local 4H, so I thought I would share some of my photos from the more unusual contests I attended to give you an idea, or at least a chuckle.
PLEASE NOTE: I wasn't involved in this event, rather, I was simply a spectator. Also, if this really should be in another forum topic, please move it to where it would be more appropriate.

Goat & Sheep costume contest at the Clallam County Fair (held in Port Angeles, WA) held on Aug. 17, 2008. I'm not sure what the official costume titles were, but shown are: a poodle (with a 50's girl), a dalmatian (with a firefighter), a beach babe (with beach dude), a farmer (with a cow), a pirate (being tended to by another pirate), a belligerent Sebastian the crab (with a little Ariel), and a noble steed (with a knight).

Horse and Pony costume contest at the Clallam County Fair (held in Port Angeles, WA) held on Aug. 22, 2009. Again, I'm not sure what the official titles were but shown are:

Harley Mama (complete with handlebars!)

Harley Mama, Twilight (wearing fang marks, a red neck scarf, and glitter), and a reindeer accompanied by an elf.

A Native American war horse and a butterfly with pursuer.

Rudolph and a cow (the horse had a hilarious set of udders strapped to its underside).

Here is a skeletal steed and its piratical rider. This was pretty cool as it was a black cover and leg stockings with cut-out paper bones. Even the tail had a snood with tail vertebrae.

Native American horse and a Willy Wonka wheelbarrow with an Oompa Loompa.

Peter Pan (with Tinkerbell) and a couple sunflower scarecrows.
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