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JustWhisper asked a questions about my 4bar prop. This is the video;
Here is the question; "Indiana, I just watched your video of your four bar (which is excellent BTW). My son had what I thought was a great idea. Maybe it's not new, but I haven't seen it yet. Since you have the mechanism already (or know how to build it) it should be easy. Instead of a monster on the end, build a set of columns; like for an entryway, and attach one of them to the four bar. Then it will look like the column is falling on the TOTs. That would freak me out. Just a thought. Is your four bar pneumatic? "
I think that is a GREAT idea. The columns that I have are 7.5 feet tall and 24 inches on each side. They can't weigh but 20 pounds apiece so this is quite doable. Would have to create a strong bracing for the columns so they aren't torn apart, but wouldn't that be intimidating to have a huge column flying at you? My four bar is pnuematic and uses a very large cylinder. The whole contraption weighs over a hundred pounds, mostly because the steel tubing I got for free was .120 thickness. The 4-bar program I used to decide how I wanted it to move is attached(I think).
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