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41 Days Till Halloween

Gotta finish up this Vincent Price compilation, but it seriously just makes me want to go home and watch his movies.

Forbidden Planet Soundtrack (1956)
Aw, yeah. Widely praised as the first electronic score for a movie, the Barrons were never up for an Oscar for it … they didn’t belong to the right union, so they called it “electronic tonalities” instead of a “score”. This score frequently serves both as background “music” and sound effects for the movie … the landing of the ship, the roar of the invisible monster, it is all here. I managed to catch this on TCM late one night about 3 months ago – spectacular film. For one, seeing Leslie Nielsen in such a serious role is refreshing. And Anne Francis looks absolutely stunning.

Frank Langella's Dracula (1979)
I’ve never seen this movie, though I remember seeing Dracula’s death on TV when I was very young … must have been an effective scene. I wish John Williams had done more Gothic Horror soundtracks … he’s very good here, though the repeated theme does wear thin by the end of this soundtrack.

Goblin - Suspiria (1977)
Another movie I have not seen, an oversight I hope to correct this October. I’m a fan of 70’s prog, though some of it sounds a bit dated. The first two minutes of the main theme are timeless. I also like “Witch” and “Markos”.

Goblin - Zombi Dawn of the Dead (1978)
I like this one, too, but there are really no “classic” tracks on it like “Suspiria” or “Witch” on the last album, though “L’alba Dei Morti Viventi” is close. Some tracks are almost cheery.

Halloween Fright Night (2006)
A 2 disc set … a CD of movie themes (no original artists) and a DVD of the strangely-public-domain “Night of the Living Dead”. There are classics we all know by heart (“Halloween”, “The Omen”) and some others (“Wolf”, “The Shadow”).

History of Horror (2000)
More arrangements of horror movie themes. I like this one thanks to the chronological order of the movies they come from, as well as the fact that the themes span nearly 80’s years of films. Its sources range from popular films like “The Omen” to obscurities like “Horrors of the Black Museum” (Hypnovision!). It doesn’t always use “main themes” either. It even has music from “Young Frankenstein”. Fun to listen how horror music has evolved. Oh man … there are some Hammer themes here too … now I have to watch some of those as well as the Vincent Price films I already want to watch. “The Exorcist (Tubular Bells)” is a bit awkward since it does not sound as much like the original as the others.

Horror of Dracula (1992)
Not sure if this was commercially released or put together by a fan somewhere. This has lots of Hammer themes from their Dracula movies (seen ‘em all!) as well as their short-lived TV show (never seen). I saw an interview of the composer once where he said he wrote the themes so you could actually sing the movie title … “Draaaaa… cu-laaaaa …. Horr..or..of.. Draaaaa… cu-laaaaaa” … awesome.
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