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400w fogger set-up: Please critique

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Here's my situation.

I have a large enclosed backyard to fog, 30ft x 40ft. It will recieve little foot traffic, it's more a backdrop for the porch crowd.

I have a cheap 400watt fogger, Walmart purchase. I have a chance to rent a 1500w Martin Magnum 2000 for $50.

Froggy's appears to be the only way to get good, long lasting fog, so I'm considering Freezin' Fog juice. That's 22 bucks or so, plus serious shipping.

If I thought that Froggy's and the little 400w could keep a thin miasma of fog across the wet grass of the emclosed yard, I'd save myself the $50 dollars rent.
I'd also consider buying another 400w for $20. I'd spend the money on the froggy's if I knew these little foggers could do the trick.

Will they?

As a followup, I was interested in the perforated dryer hose with frozen water bottles for my chiller. I wouldn't think a 400w would need more than 6ft of hose. What's the best option for a 400w chiller, the dryer hose with perforation or a PVC pipe filled with ice?

These are specific questions, I know. I appreciate your consideration of them and I look forward to your advice.
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If you're happy with the performance/reliability of the 400W fogger, I'd say go ahead and grab another one. As much as I like Froggy's juice, it won't turn a 400W party fogger into a 1500W pea-souper. The Freezin' juice is designed to dissipate rather quickly; when run through a chiller, it's supposed to vanish before it has a chance to rise thus enhancing the low-lying effect. I recommend using the Swamp Juice and spend the rental money on making a couple of ice chest chillers. You can get old ice chests at yard sales, sometimes you find them at Curby's, too. Regarding the perf pipe with frozen bottles, here's a video of my Chauvet 800W and a 10 ft. perf drain pipe filled with bottles. I used Froggy's Swamp Juice.

In my opinion.....rent the big boy. If you don't, you'll be sittin' there on Halloween saying to yourself, "I knew I should'a got the Magnum". I promise that the 400 watt machine will just not be good enough for the size yard your talking about. Two of them will make you cry twice as hard. Get the big dog and spend a few bucks on a large chiller. It will be the only option where you won't be second guessing yourself. These are only my opinions so treat them as such. And since I'm throwing out opinions.....Absolutely no difference between perfed dryer vent and PVC. And 6' might not be long enough with the Magnum!!
last year I ran 1 700 watt Lite F/X and 1 400 watt El Cheapo on the other side of the yard. Honestly, using the 400 watt outside was almost a total waste IMO. It just seems like running it continous is not an option and the recycle times were way too long. In the garage, or inside a prop, they seem to work great. My yard is not very big either. :rolleyes:
I'm beginning to think that paying $50 to rent something that depends on excellent weather, plus the expense of Froggy's, isn't worth it.

I may buy a high end fogger for myself one day, but reserving something that I may not get to use isn't worth it. Since the 400w is worthless in this situation, ta heck with it.

No fog. Oh, well.

Thanks, guys.
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