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3M palm sized Projector

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Has any one seen this? It's a projector that is smaller than your hand at Staples. The luminance is just 10, But I think that it might work for a haunt though.

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3M Micro Professional Projector | Staples®
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A friend has one - the image is not too bad, considering the source.
It's best viewed in a darkened room, however...don't know if lighting form other sources in your haunt would overpower the image or not.

Then again, I'm thinking a distance of 6'-8' away...if you have it close to the screen or whatever (am thinking a singing bust ala the Haunted Mansion)...like 1'-2' distance, the image is actually quite strong even in moderate lighting (strong enough to watch a movie in a well-lit Starbucks coffee house).

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How good is this product and how safe is the webb sight? Does anyone know anythig about them?
Woot is VERY safe. They've been around quite a while and have a good reputation. They sell things 1 day only for very low prices, and usually sell out of their deal of the day pretty fast.

The projector they're selling today is billed as the world's crappiest... so they're not trying to hide the "quality" ;)
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