I'm clearing out my decos and realized I have two of these discontinued Home Depot props from 2019, one of which I'm offering up for sale here to a fellow haunter before sending it out to craigslist and fbook marketplace.

This is a 3ft tall animatronic from Pan Asian Creations. She's pretty neat for a graveyard or nursery theme with her teddy bear and soundtrack. The eyes light up blue and the head and arms move. The arms are fully posable. You can see a video of it in action here

Note that when the head makes a full rotation there's a loud click sound. I double checked the mechanism to see if anything is rubbing, and all looks good. My other one of these does this too. So there is no issue with parts potentially breaking. Just wanted to call that out ahead of time.

Takes 3AA batteries (no volume control), and operates in sound/motion-activated mode or demo mode (here's a hidden try me button under the fabric on the wrist of the hand that's holding the bear)

Asking $45 for her + shipping via your preferred carrier. She's light, but 3ft tall. So the box will be over 3ft.
Please reply here or message me.

Outerwear Human body Neck Sleeve Sunglasses
Nose Hair Head Lip Chin

Toy Sleeve Gesture Grey Beige
Neck Sleeve Gesture Wood Grey
Rectangle Font Gas Wood Commemorative plaque
Automotive tire Automotive exterior Drinkware Bumper Tints and shades