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3D printed busts?

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its been awhile since I posted here.
I was foolling around with an old xbox 360 kinect scanner. I scanned myself and 3d printed a small bust.
I used skanect software. I did use the paid version.

I got to thinking, I know 3d models these can be cut into sections and scaled up.
I think it would work well to make to make a custum singing bust.
I am not much of an actor. but for those of you who are. it would allow you to create your own routines as often as you.
anyone else here try this?

I used skanect software. I did use the paid version. but for singing busts I think the free version would be good enough.

here i am, scaned in hi resolution. and printed in medium res without any clean up or filler,


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That turned out much better than all the other cheap scans I've saw so far....I'm waiting for the price to come down on the technology (like it always does) for a good quality/price ratio that us mere mortals can afford....Who knows what year that will be...I currently have my 3d printer tore down in the middle of an upgrade...It will be nice to have a magnetic heat bed for the removable flexible steel sheets....I'm hoping parts removal will be much easier.....ZR
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