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Jeepers Creepers (Al Donohue & Paula Kelly)
Haunted House (Ray Noble & His All Stars)
Satan Takes A Holiday (John Cali)
T'aint No Sin (to take your skin off) (Fred Hall)
Ghost Dance (Truett & George)
Graveyard Boogie (Buster Doss & Arkansas Playboys)
Haunted Blues (Memphis Minnie)
I'm a Ghost (Scrappy Cartoon)
Little Demon (Screamin' Jay Hawkins)
Nightmare (Jack Turner)
Halloween Radio Spot (Bing Crosby)
Swingin' at the Séance (The Deep River Boys)
The Bat (Alvino Rey)
Dead Man Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)
Undertaker Blues (Buddy Moss)
White Shivers (The New Orleans Owls)
The Skeleton Rag (The American Quartet)
Mr. Ghost is Going to Town (The Five Jones Boys)
Skeleton in the Closet (Artie Shaw)
The Teddy Bears Panic (Henry Hall)


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I know I'm VERY late to this party, but can someone either re-post the link or message me? I was able to get Vol 2 but not Vol 1 and I'm in the Spooky Song Season!
The Freegal Music site has it but I am not sure how it works. I think there are download limits and I'm not familiar with the site itself to vouch for it myself. I think it's related to a general library system?

Something else you could try is checking into your town/county library system and see if they have a copy available, and check it out that way to get a download. I know my system can do interlibrary loans across the entire country.
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