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Remote control boards. 3 boards for for $75 shipped.

The boards for the ones on the right are these : http://www.electronickits.com/remote_control/rf2.htm
The bottom one has one channel wired to the NO outlet. This has a power supply to run the board attached.

the second channel is wired to a terminal strip on the other side.
The one on top is wired to a terminal strip for both NO, C and NC contacts. I ran this one off a car battery with horn and lights--so no power supply

The one on the left is this board: http://www.electronickits.com/remote_control/rf4.htm
2 channels are wired to the outlets in the NO position.
2 channels wired to a terminal strip with NO, C and NC
Power supply attached to run the board.

These are nice because unlike the cheap ones available now these can run all at the same time with no channel interruptions. They also can be latching. Right now. they are set up that when you press the button the channel activates. I seem to remember a forth board--if I happen to find i (unlikely) I will toss it in. The batteries on the one clicker are dead--so the board will need re-programmed for the clicker. Instructions are on that page listed above.

Have questions on this one let me know.
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