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3 Days Till Halloween

Halloween is almost here! It’s been a good preseason … I’ve listened to more Halloween-related music than I’ve probably ever listened to before. I’ve seen plenty of Halloweenish flicks, from the old (The Inner Sanctum Mysteries with Lon Chaney, Jr. along with some old Universals) to the new (the Evil Dead remake which was pretty intense). I’ll be sad when it is over, but I’ve got a few more days to celebrate. Here’s some new stuff I found this year…

Jeff Wayne's Musical Version Of The War Of The Worlds [The New Generation] (2012)
Musically this is very similar to the original, but with some newer musicians. The narrator is Liam Neeson, who does a marvelous job. There are some nice surprises – a few new lines, a terrific underwater effect, Justin Hayward stayed on board, “the problem is, of course, the humans”. It’s clearly “modernized” in places, but it still walks that line between serious drama and old-school sci-fi cheese. I don’t know if I love it as much as the original, but it is still pretty good.

Monster Mashup 2013 - The Haunted Mashion (2013)
My kids love “What the Fox Say”, so hearing it mashed up with “Thriller” is kinda funny. I’m tickled to hear Fettdog combine “War of the Worlds” with Daft Punk’s “Contact” … he incorporated the old Orson Welles recording AND Jeff Wayne’s WotW, which I adore (see above). Also like “Thriller In the Air Tonight”. Love the retro-Disney cover, too. Maybe too many “Thriller” mixes, though it goes well with Shakira’s “She-Wolf”.

Midnight Syndicate - Monsters of Legend (2013)
I’ve listened to this one a couple times on Spotify. It is very good … lots of Hammer-esque strings which I like. “Twilight” has some singing that reminds me of Hammer’s “The Gorgon”. I liked the songs that had more obvious audio references to old movies, such as “Carriage Ride” and “Building the Monster”.

Various Artists - A Haunted Journey (2013)
This is so much better than I expected it to be. It is all instrumental …much of it is ambient (no beats). It is about as good as any of the Halloween-ish Hearts of Space shows I’ve listened to. It’s really good.

Various Artists – Pumpkin Guts (2013)
It isn’t bad, but I liked “A Haunted Journey” way better.
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