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3-Axis Zombie Skin!

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Yup. Even though Frankie's not done, I've begun work on another foam latex creature skin for my 3-axis skulls.

It's still in the roughing out the basic forms stage, but it will resemble the half-sculpt I did last week (left). Here's a few shots of the progress:

41 days left...good luck everyone!
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You over achiever you.
says the guy who made animated eyebrows for his skulls :p

Thanks Bob!
Wow mr chicken, you are really leading the way in creativity and outstanding craftsmanship in using a 3 axis setup!
Dude!!! that is some great sculpting! You are the master.
Wow Chicken, that is looking very good, you are quite a good sculptor. You have very good prop building skills. Hope to get as good as you one day.
Wow, Great job. It will be fun to animate.
Weekend progress...almost ready to be molded

Thanks for the compliments, all!
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Holy Shiznit! I wish I could do that!!!
absolutely amazing, I wish I had your talent sir, keep the pics coming
You should seriously sell that!!!!
You know.....it's probably going to happen...definitely part of the plan... but I doubt I'll be in the temporal position to make extras this season, if you catch my drift (eek! 31 days!)
Whoops! Looks like I forgot to update this!
Let's get you up to date with this guy...
I finished sculpting and prepared the mold walls...

...and started layering on the plaster

First the front half, then remove the dividing wall, coat with vaseline, back half, then separate them...

Then I made a core...
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and finally did a pull in foam latex...

Lastly (at least, until I decide whether he'll get some sparse grey hair), ol' Zombie got an airbrush job with rubber cement paints

Not too shabby for a last minute job.

Here he is in the lab:

Video coming soon
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ok, so is there video of the skin in motion on the 3axis skull?
Beautiful work! Wish I knew how to cast my sculptures. It looks expensive, the hobby of casting your creations:) Love Love Love it!
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