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Do to a huge life event, I will be unable to continue my small yard haunt this year. I have many items that I will need to sell. This one is for a 3 axis skull kit that I did not have time to finish up completely, mostly finished but needs some tweeking. Included in the kit is
1 lindberg skull. $30
1 twisty skull 3 axis servo kit. $85
1 servo city 4 servo controller, recorder that has a 3 minute playback time. $110
1 arduino servo controller board. $56
2 scary terry st400 audio boards, plug and play. $86
4 servo ext cables. $10
Total cost for this skull was with shipping around $390, I am asking $300 plus shipping.
This kit is assembled but needs tweeking and time to make him work. Perfect start to an animatronic skull for this years haunting season.
Please contact if interested.