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3 Axis Skull Help....

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I am just wondering what is the best thing for me to do, so i can have a 3 Axis Skull?
Where is the best place to buy it? Is it good value to get?
And also I need to know if it can be shipped over here....

I am aiming to get a 3 Axis skull built for next year and use it to make by self a talking skull in the haunt...

Can any help me?

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I cant say where to buy one but there are detailed directions out there to build them if you want a hands on approach.Just take your time and it will come together.

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The first 10 pages of the "my 3-axis skull in progress" thread have HalloweenBob's DIY method, and if you keep going through the thread, there are alternative ideas by other members.

Graveyardskulls.com is the only place I know of for buying them assembled or as a kit. Some of their parts are a good value, others seem overpriced, but maybe that's just because I can make them rather easily myself. What I've done is buy the parts I can't make myself from GYS and do the rest off of Bob's original templates.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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