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3 Axis Skull DUET with Jack-O-Lanters : 6 month of night work - DONE!

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This is our 3 year we doing Halloween decorations with BIG help of All of You !
Thanks Everyone for Great ideas, support and giving us energy and motivation for next year!!!!

This is our fist year we Build 3 axis Skull using Triaxial design and Combine with Jack-o-Lanters AtmosFearFX DVD
I used Lightorama to run my DUET
Animatronic Skull was program using Monkeybasic Trackskull software and imported to LOR,
Audio from Jack-o-lanters (AtmosFearFX dvd) was recreated to stereo with new actor voice for skull using Audacity.
3 Axis Skull was run by LOR servodog hardware . Sequence and Video run by LOR.

Video only shows part 1 of 4 storytelling part, we have more but video was going out of focus

P.S. I really hope AtmosfearFX team not get upset for altering audio:eek:

Thanks again to everyone
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Love this. How did you get the timing down for the 3-axis and video to stay in sync? We have singing pumpkins and a 3-axis pirate that I want to run independently (so they are not speaking over each other) and haven't figured out how to do this. It looks like you are on the right track...

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What i did, is convert jol to mono and used it for left ch audio. Skeleton audio to right ch audio. Combine them in free audacity software. So its only one track with left and right chanels with separate speakers. After i edit jol video in adobe premiere and add new audio.
All running by LOR

If u need help. I may help you.
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