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With th' advent o' 3-axis skulls platforms, th' possibilities open up like an axe-spilt 'ead! I'm be in Lihue right now, supposed ta be restin' up ta fly th' red-eye back ta th' Mainland tonite, an' these ideas jus' wont stop poppin' in me 'ead... I know, I know, there be pills fer tha'..

3-axis Projects:

Wizard o' Oz (no 'mate, NOT down unda').. makin costumes fer a 3-axis Scarecrow, Tin woodsman, Cowardly lion and Dorothy (last two corps-ified o' course), jus ferget 'bout them flyin monkeys 'mate, they creep me out.. oh, an' lets us, dear friends, naught forget our dear friends, th' Good an' Bad Witches too.. flippin', glorious lil' sexpots.. (ooh, did I saw tha' out loud?)

Gone wit' th' Wind: a corps-ified Rhett Butler an' Scarlett (gives new meanin' ta th' name).

Army o' Darkness: fix a plastic toy chainsaw ta a Bucky's 'and an' use VSA ta make' im say "Kaltu, berata, nictoe" (a cult classic)

Dr. Frankenfurter: from Rocky Horror Picture Show..

costumes by themselves would lend an image o' who th' charactor be.. Wizard o' Oz costumes 'specially..

Th' possibilities really be as endless as yer imagination.. 'ow abt a corpsified 3-axis Fred an' Barney? Wilma & Betty? Martin & Lewis? Abbott & Costello.. Brad & Angelina, Tom & Rosanne... 'endless, says I..

Capt. Jack
(goin ta sleep, fer real this time)
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