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Nice job, especially the drunk pirate!! LMAO!!
haha a drunken pirate....only thing that would make it better is to have him fall off the boat at the end lol

Great job! Congrats on finishing your pirates. Love the hiccup move on the drunk pirate.

Well done. I love the soundtrack for your drunk pirate!

Holy cow....I couldn't stop laughing....especially when he hiccups and forgets the words to the song....awesome job...thanks for giving me a good laugh today...LOL....very nicely done!! :D
Nice job, matey! Please tell the cap'n no drinking and driving!
Did you find a POTC track with the drunken sailor, or did you create this yourself?
I found the POTC track.... I just did the 3 axis routine to it. I can't sing.....drunk or sober
How long did it take you to program the moves?

Not too long....the initial programming was done in one evening each....and then a couple of more for tweaking. I used Gold Wave audio to separate the audio tracks.
Wow! Not bad at all.
I would definitely like to try this within the next couple of years. (My plate is full for a while).
Thanks for posting.

I love that dude! the pirate is really cool...alas, methinks I lack the skills (and the skulls, LOL)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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