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here it is the 2nd reaper. Remember , if you are new you need 15 posts to join, it isn't hard :) so please join......I just need to implement this due to issues in the past, but please don't let it scare you away!

Also please put that you are signing up for the 2nd reaper

Start of sign up:

Ending date for sign up:
Sept 21,2017

(notice the short sign up time frame)

Shipping Deadline:

Oct. 11,2017


1. The values of the gift must be $20.00, give or take a dollar or so,

2. The gift can be homemade, store bought, or a combination of the 2.

3. gift must be Halloween related

4.You must get a tracking number when shipping your gift

5. You must PM Bethene when you ship, along with the tracking number

6 Send Bethene a PM when you receive your gift, PLEASE do this, your reaper will want to know it arrived

7.. if you are having a issue with sending a gift, please contact me to see if it can be resolved :

if you agree to these terms and would like to participate, please message Bethene with the following information:

Name and address
likes, dislikes, themes if any, and any other info you feel might help your victim (example< out door haunt, indoor party, etc) PLEASE,, make it as detailed as possible, it makes it so much easier !!!
shipping preference : any where, USA only, USA and Canada only, Canada only, Europe, etc.

Have fun every one, lets make this as great a secret reaper as last year

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More than likely will join in on this one as well. We have a meeting next week to determine how often the little one will need physical therapy, so won't make a definite decision until then.
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I soooo want to join in but alas the time frame won't work... Frog and I will be on the road from the Sept 27 to Oct 16 ish. Don't think I could do my victim justice in 6 days time before we go.... Guess I'll have to wait for the Krampus errr Christmas reap...

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Will need to decide soon. Haven't done one is some time. :O

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I once again missed the big reaper but will sign up for this one! i had a lot of fun last year and can't wait to do it again.
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