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Here's my list!
Bones ( real or fake)
black cats
anything related to classic horror monsters ( Frankenstein's monster, Mummy, Werewolf, Creature from the Black Lagoon)
Werewolves (The Howling style)
Books/stickers or anything Halloween that's appropriate for 5 year old
sideshow themed things
Zombies (Walking Dead or Romero's type)
Occult things ( spell books, wands, ouija themed things)
Voodoo dolls
vintage Halloween
Anything handmade, there are a lot of great craftspeople in this forum!
Nightmare Before Christmas
fall/Halloween scented candles ( please no hazelnut scents, it messes with my sinuses)
Hocus Pocus
Halloween tree ornaments
Halloween themed kitchen items ( oven mitts, hand towels, cutlery, cupcake papers, etc.)

Bland design decorations ( Martha Stewart, Good Housekeeping's “best decorating ideas for blah blah”)
unnecessarily gory/crude ( The Human Centipede for example)
No zombie babies

They call me HeebieJeebie
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Outside, I have a cemetery with lots of skeletons & bones with humor. My skeleton horse is new this year.

Inside I have an apothecary area, mini cemetery & village.

Random info - Glitter is good. I also have 3 cats & a dog.

cool old jars or bottles with unusual / funky things inside
nutcrackers (they're not just for that *other* holiday!)
ceramic village houses
tufts of fake grasses / greenery to put by headstones
surprise handmade whatevers
black cats
animal skeletons
bats / birds

I'm sure I will enjoy anything you send!

Dislikes / Don't Needs
blood / gore
zombies (unless on a nutcracker!)
movie guys (Freddy / Jason, etc)
spiders / webs

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The Howling was a 1980s werewolf movie. The werewolves were really well done. It's by far one of the best werewolf movies ever. It has some good cast members too, John Carradine, Robert Picardo (Star Trek Voyager), Meshach Taylor ( Ghostbusters). There was a tv series in the late 80s called Werewolf with Chuck Connors in it that was good too.

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Yay second reaper!! = double the victim and twice the reaping. Thank you in advance reaper for taking time out of this busy haunted season for me, I just know I will love anything you send.
Likes: this is more of general likes to broaden my list for the reaper
Movie posters (already have the classics i.e. Frankenstein, Dracula)
Halloween notebooks and pencils
Halloween Poems (written by you or anyone else)
Ceramic pumpkins (serving dishes, bowls, platters)
Vintage Halloween treat bags
Halloween trees
Need list:
Body parts
Large specimen jars
Spanish moss ( to put around tombstones)
Doctor’s coat and mask
Fake bones (no skulls, I have lots)
Attic light
Overly cutesy
Clowns(the boy does not like)

Lady Of The Lake
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Thank you so much Dearest Reaper. I appreciate your hard work and kindness. I welcome Hand Made, Thrifted, Repurposed, New or Used.


I'd love to spook up my bathroom so any kind of bathroom stuff would be great. I'd love a shower curtain, bathroom rugs, hand towels etc...I have a Halloween bathrooms Pinterest idea board for ideas. I also need a Poe themed shower curtain for another bathroom.

This year I'm planning a campfire tales theme in the backyard so I'll need anything that would fit with that. Any type of games or stories that would be fun around a campfire would be appreciated. Anything for this area can be full on scary because the regular public can't see back there. A campfire tales sign? Ghost stories told here sign? One of those inflatable coffin coolers? Any type of scarecrows, Jack O Lanterns, masks, creepy ghosts, hay, corn stalks decor would be very appreciated
I'd love to do scary stories on paper and roll them like parchment so the kids could just grab one and read it.

I'm having two Campfire Stories parties the first one is for about 20 Jr High School kids ages 13-14. I'd love to scare the crap out of them honestly At this age they think they're grown ups and are offended when I treat them like kids.
Then the next weekend an adult only party with tents and alcohol.

Something personalized would be great. A Jack O Lantern with our family name, Maybe a sign for my potion cabinet with my name?

I'd love a scarecrow, creepy, Or regular scarecrow head or Jack O Lantern head.
I could also use scarecrow masks or heads.

My witches need a vulture

Anything for my graveyard would be great, groundbreakers, zombies, peepers and of course tombstones, I'm always looking for additions to my little graveyard family. I don't do any blood in the graveyard as I have mostly young tots in my subdivision. I like creepy not gory.

I love Halloween Mugs, Tea, Coffee and Dishes. I have a round dining room table if you find a table cloth

Any type of terrarium is cool, air plants, crystals etc....

I love ornaments for my Halloween trees, I have a black and orange 4ft tree more vintage classic Halloween and a 6 foot black /white/Silver more gothic elegant one. I love all ornaments and would love to start a small black/purple table top tree.

I will always use Candles of any kind, Jack O Lanterns or Tombstones. Can't go wrong with any of these if you're stuck.

Dislikes: I wouldn't have a use for chop shop, butcher shop, clown or carnevil items, I live in a modern family subdivision so unfortunately I'm careful not to offend soccer moms. Although I don't do cute either.

My Pinterest is linked below if you'd like to see what I'm into, I even have a bit of a wish list if you're interested. Feel free to do anything you'd like that I haven't listed if you see something on my Pinterest or albums that inspires you. Happy Haunting Dear Reaper, Remember to have fun and not stress I will be happy with whatever you choose

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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shadowpantherbl/


upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange

mild glitter okay

WEB SHOOTER-used or homemade
vines-real or fake
creepy cloth
skeletons (human or animal-NO CAT as I just lost two in a month due to cancer and old age)
cemetery items
dead, fall looking or black flowers
Victorian/gothic items
skeleton parts
body parts
plasma ball/disk
medical tools
medical posters
specimen jars
lab equipment
pirate items
alien related
Egyptian related
potion bottles
plain bottles
black cat
wall art-Halloween related
zodiac material (Scorpio especially)
Fortune teller related
jewelry-any kind of odd/costume junk (garage sale/second hand store)
beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol)
bird cages
unique picture frames
gothic/medieval looking items
old keys and locks
shrunken heads
music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect.
voodoo items
Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers
old rotary phone-victorianish style
Spanish moss
door knockers
voodoo themed
witch related
painted sign-general or themed or with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time"
mini tabletop tombstones 3"-6"
bone or feathered vulture
ornate pic frames (victorianish) 8x10 or 5x7
bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7
potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc
body parts/organs
coiled bottom and elongated standing cobra (like it would sit in a basket and coming out)
old ink well
victorian clothing
primative stuffed black cat
mortar and pestle
animated props
voodoo dolls
voodoo stick
candle holder (vintage or gothic)
fake human bones
fire effects
jungle related
hotel related(keys, key rack, luggage)
surgical tools
doctors bag
mad lab items
"coffin" curtains in black, grey, purple
spiders (any except rings)
hanging spider cocoons
mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls)
shrunken heads
tiki masks
vintage funeral
graveyard related
pirate treasure
pirate coins
scarecrow mask

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol

Reaper Queen
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I am having a bit of a hard time with my list this year... but here it is, it may change as I see others lists or come up with something I forgot to write down....

I love witches especially the Wicked Witch of the West. I collect witch dolls and figurines. I have some wonderful ones from past reapers, but would adore more,. I also started to collect ghost figurines and black cat figurines.

Adult (woman or teen, older girl) porcelain dolls to make characters out of. Also could use tiny dolls that could be used to make a pixie doll out of . Also Bratz/ Monster high dolls would be cool..Fabric to help with the creations of my characters, velvet, velvet panne, satin, glittery, fancy dress, lace, tulle, netting,elegant, brocade, gauzy etc, in any color. Narrow lace in black, white ,cream as well as colors, and other small trims.
Tiny charms for the dolls as well as other crafts. If anyone can find a small crystal ball, it would be great.. Smaller steampunk items for dolls and crafts. 6-8 inch witches broom (well, any broom could be a witches broom) as well as small cauldrons,books, crystal balls, hour glass, etc that a 18-28 inch doll could hold/use.

Small fairy garden items, fairies, signs, animals, chairs, etc that will fit in a planter inside,ones I already have ,also would like a flat type planter to make a FG in. Maybe a small bowl type thing to make a terrariums out of. I am just starting out so this is wide open.
I would like crystals, geodes, and pretty stones, anything along those lines
Halloween dish towels.

Would like to start a small Halloween tree, so smallish Halloween ornaments would be great.

For out doors, Ghosts, spiders and webs, a spider victim, any thing creepy for my small cemetery.
I love to read, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, etc.

Thats it for now, might add to it later......

Dislikes list: I don't like zombie babies,dolls made bloody or gory. Basically anything gory or bloody, don't need movies, cd's, big out door supplies....​

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Thank you in advance my dear reaper. I know that anything you send I will be truly appreciative.

Likes and Dislikes:

I absolutely love the gothic creepy look. The creepier the better. Homemade items are awesome and truly appreciated (especially because I am not as crafty as other people in this group).
Skellies (life size, animals, etc)
LED/PVC Candles
Purple lights
Creepy Voodoo

I have a 2 story banister that I struggle with decorating every year. Anything to make my banister look creepy and prevent people from going upstairs.

I do have an awesome voodoo alter (thanks to my past reaper!!), so anything to add to that is great!

Any size black non-fitted sheets or black material ( I use those to cover my walls/furniture to make the house look extra creepy).

Outdoor props/decorations are great. With the weather in Colorado, my tombstones are becoming pretty pathetic. Anything to help with a covered outdoor porch decoration (I currently have spider webs and spiders, but I would really like to make my porch stand out this year).

I do have an old small baby wooden cradle that I would like to incorporate into my indoor decorations. A creepy doll to put in there would be awesome (even though I hate dolls, but it would fit! ).

I have a massive Halloween party every year (50-75 people and the list gets higher every year) and go all out on my decorations. So anything to add to indoor decorations are always great but it does need to stay along the gothic creepy look. I never do a theme for the party, I just add more decorations.

Here is a link to my Pinterest page. https://www.pinterest.com/kab827/halloween/
I do update that all the time.

Satanic items
Zombie babies
Blow Molds

I am having a separate kid party for my daughter and her friends so any fun games for them to play would be great!

Small items to help with my party: Gothic small paper plates/napkins.

I prefer creepy, not cute.

As I think of anything specific, I will update the list. Thank you so much!!!

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Themes for 2017:

1). Well, I went and ordered the 9ft T-Rex skeleton, small triceratops, & hatching baby t-rex from Home Depot as well as the velociraptor from Wal-mart, , so I am going to attempt to have a Jurassic park area in my yard!!! I am thinking of doing it more like the dilapidated Jurassic Park area as seen in the new Jurassic World Movie.
I want to make the Entrance fence/gate & I could use:
~a Banner Sign that says “Jurassic Park/when dinosaurs ruled the earth": (like in the end of the movie where they are jumping amongst the skeleton dinosaurs to escape the raptors and T-Rex comes in and destroys them, and the banner comes floating down)-RECEIVED FROM SR 1
~East Dock Sign
~Velociraptor/T-Rex/Triceratops signs (able to be outside)
~torches for the gate/fence
~any signs inspired by the movie
~LARGE Jungle foliage/vines
~Dinosaur Bones/skeletons
Basically, Jurassic Park is my favorite movie ever….so anything inspired by the movie that would make for a good Halloween display would be AWESOME!!!

2) My Porch will be a Haunted Hotel scene (Paying Homage to the Tower of Terror ride they just re-did at Disneyland that was inspired by the twilight zone)
I could use:
~Anything that might be seen in a vintage hotel (I have a backwards ticking clock and desk bell already…I also have the elevator moving dial from spirit last year to put above my front door)
~A silver tarp or silver door wrap to make my double front doors appear to be an elevator
~A Hotel Key rack - RECEIVED FROM SR 1
~A hotel vacancy/no vacancy sign of some sort
~Any creative hotel signs or decor- RECEIVED FROM SR 1
~Old luggage, etc- RECEIVED FROM SR 1
(I will have skeleton guests in the lobby dressed in 1920s era clothing & a skeleton bell hop)

I Like/Need:
Things that are more realistic looking (not cutesy or cartoonish)
Old looking items (like they have been around awhile)
I do most displays with skeletons

I do not Like/Need:
Dark Magic or Gore
Potion bottles (I went crazy last year)

I also love Disney Related Halloween decor, such as pirates of the caribbean, Haunted Mansion, nightmare before christmas & especially Hocus Pocus.
I also love Harry Potter themed items as well.

I love home-made items

I also have a Son Named Bane, who is now 4 and loves Halloween almost as much as me. If there were a lil note or something fun in the box for Bane, that would be awesome! He loves going through the reaper boxes with me

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I had so much fun with the first one that of course I am up for a 2nd reaping!

To my dear reaper, anything handmade or repurposed or store bought is fine by me. Whatever works for you will be appreciated all the same! :D

Harlequin and damask prints
Anything Victorian looking
Tarot, palm reading, fortune telling - anything related to these
Anything Wiccan, pagan, or otherwise witch related (spell books, cats, toads, broomsticks, cauldrons, potions)
Anything dark magic related
Classic monsters - mummies, vampires, ghosts, witches, scarecrows
Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King
True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Munsters, Addams Family
Birds - crow, raven, vulture, owl (the non-skelly kind)
Creepy cloth - because you just can’t have enough!
Oddities & curiosities

Skeletons (I don't actually dislike them, but I just have an abundance of them already!)
Anything movie themed, unless it's a classic monster listed above
Candles/candle holders
Anything girly/glittery/glam
Blow molds or anything cartoony
Miniatures/ornaments (I have cats, and one is a pica, so I have to keep really small things that would entice them at a minimum!)
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