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Okay, here's the new raffle! The previous raffle prizes are being mailed out, except for one person who needs to send me a PM--so on to the new raffle!

Same thing on this one, the first 20 responses to this thread are entered. Please, if you have won one of the raffles before, do not enter, it will allow some of the other people a chance.

A random number generator will be used to pick three winners out of the 20.

Prizes are small packages containing a small item or two, like a spooky movie, a comic book or small book, a photo, or something like that. Usually a couple of little trinket toys are included, like a glow in the dark spider, small plastic skeleton, or something along those lines.

These are not huge prizes but they are perfect for those folks who like a little spooky fun in their day!

Thank you again for participating in the July raffles!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts
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