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OK, so I wanted a Gibbet Cage to hang up in the front of the house. Everything I saw online was too expensive and nothing I found browsing around was the style I wanted, so I decided to build one to my own liking. It just so happened that I found some pvc type moulding, 1 inch wide x 12ft in length at Home Depot that would be perfect and cheap to use for this project.

5 PVC mouldings $4.25 each = $21.25
28 1 x 1/4 bolts with nuts = $3.25
4 1 1/2 x 1/4 bolts with washers and nuts = $0.75

This is how the $25 Gibbet Cage began:


Begin by cutting 4 of the 5 pvc mouldings to 6ft lengths. This will leave the other halves slightly longer. That's good, we want them to be longer.


Cut 1 pvc moulding to make 4 rings, 2 small, 1 somewhat larger, and 1 slightly smaller than your chest measures. I cut five rings, but you will only need 4 for this project.


Next take a scrap piece of 3/4 plywood and draw out 1 of the smaller rings from the inside. Take a jigsaw and cut the plywood to the shape of the ring.


Now attach 1 of the 6ft pvc mouldings to the base using a 1/4 inch drill bit and 1/4inch x 1 inch bolts.


Then we will move up slightly lower than shoulder height and attach the largest ring using a drill and the 1/4 inch bit, and we secure the ring with 1/4 x 1 inch bolts and a nut on the backside.


Next attach the middle size ring slightly lower than knee high and drill and bolt the bars to the rings.


Then attach the other small ring at the top. Notice that I rotated the pvc mouldings so that every other "bar" was longer.


The prop should be looking somewhat like this depending on how much beer you have consumed by this point.


Now we attach the plastic chain. I cut it out with tin snips to the length I needed and secured it the the cage using 1/4 x 11/2 bolts. Then used a washer to hold it in place and tightened with a nut.


Now it's on to painting! Paint it as you wish. I used black as a base and then misted it with light and dark parts using a Hammered color.

Next, post will include the finished product. Just couldn't fit it all in one post.

looks great!! I was thinking about building a cage next year, from pvc pipe, but I like yours ALOT better!!! great job!!! you have been very busy!!! :)

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That's a nice looking prop, and a great, easy to follow How-to.

Definitely one thats going in the "must-do" projects file!

Thanks for posting!

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Hey Alucard!!! I love it!!! THe paint job you turned outexcellent:) So tell me what do you plan to do with this. How are you going to incorporate it into your yard display? Sigh yet another thing you are making me want to complete:rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. This was a project that I have been wanting to do for some time, but was looking for just the right material that would be easy to manipulate into somewhat realistic looking bars.

I plan to purchase a bucky to display inside and hang it from the rafters on the front of my house this Halloween. Now if I could just figure out how to make a 3 axis bucky skull talk!

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Really GREAT looking!! I like it a lot. The paint job really makes it. I'll play devil's advocate though - now that it's assembled and painted how will you get a bucky skeleton INTO it? :)
Good question, Uruk!

The cage comes apart quite easy with just a few turns of the bolts with your hand. I left them semi-loose so that it could be taken apart for storage. I guess I could just assembly the bucky from within the cage too. Even after staining, the bucky could be taken apart.

But now that you mention it, I might just modify the cage to include a door. That would allow me to make a rusty lock like Herman's Secret did. :D

Thanks for the question.

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Just found this Post, Awesome to find something so outstanding in the archives. I had much less impressive Gibbet that I want to upgrade. This is an outstanding design on a great budget. I think I have a new project for this year. Thank you Alucard. I hope you are still out there and Haunting well.
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