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Time to send all our Witchy Poo pals a spring wish. Walpurgis is 6 months before Halloween so what better way to get us into the Halloween spirit early in the year.

Walpurgis Night is the English translation of Walpurgisnacht. It is the night of April 30th, the eve of Saint Walpurga Day. German folklore also calls it Hexennacht or Witches' Night. It was believed witches met on the highest peak in the Harz mountains to await spring. Celebrations are held with dancing, drinking and bonfires.

Or are you more of a Beltane person - the Gaelic May Day festival held on 1 May. Special bonfires are kindled, their flames, smoke and ashes were deemed to have protective powers. Beltane is a Wiccan Sabbath Celebrated with bonfires, flowers and drink.

Interested in exchanging cards with witchy minded folks? Need a little Halloween fix to get you over the halfway to Halloween hump? A little magic spell to shake off the winter hum drums? Here's how - Post how many cards you are willing to send out and where you are willing to send them to - US only, US and Canada, Everywhere and Anywhere. Then Private Message (start a conversation) your personal info to others who have posted on this thread you want to exchange and wait with baited breath for your witchy spells to arrive. Please try to have your cards popped into the mail by April 25 so they arrive in time for Witch Night or May Day.
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