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I feel like I'm just rambling but here it is.
Likes: cats, bats, pirates, pirate ships, pumpkins, pumpkin carving, witches, brooms, cauldrons, potion bottles, spellbooks, old books, skeletons, long twisty vines or trees, spooky trees, forests, Disney, Warner Brothers, ghosts, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Nightmare Before Christmas, coffee mugs, housewares, coffee, wine glasses, baking, jewelry, fortune telling items like crystal balls, tarot cards, anything in the gothic style, Renaissance style, kings, queens, crowns, court jesters, castles, gravestones, graveyards, moons, night sky, sunsets, the colors black, orange, purple, blue, pink, green, I like plants, animals, butterflies, dragonflies, and I have three cats.

My outdoor theme this year is arachnophobia! Everything spiderwebs and spiders. I decorate outdoors and indoors, so I use lots of props and lights.

My dislikes: the color red, gorey things, and dead animal props. I like mine living! 🐾🐾❤

I'm pretty easy to please, I love to play along, and I look forward to receiving anything that someone takes the time & effort to prepare.
Thank you! Happy Halloween!

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Edit: Three of us now with lucidhalloween! Maybe we should start a Christine McConnell appreciation thread on the forum. 😂
I also watch her, fantastic! Lair of Voltaire Gothic Homemaking is fun, and so is Jade the Libra.

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ok never heard of her going to go check it out
Her show, The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell, only ran for one season, but you can still watch it on Netflix. She wrote an awesome cookbook. And of course she's on YouTube and Patreon.

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I don't have a theme for this year (indoors anyway), since I think COVID will preclude a party again this year. Next year I want to do a full on Disney Haunted Mansion. I am looking to create a haunted mansion vibe, so items would not have to be Disney specific.

Likes and Wants:

Scary Portraits
Lenticular Portraits
Spider webbing
Small busts
Black Flowers
Black leaf garland
Potion Bottles
Spell Books
Creepy Cloth
Pumpkin Tea Lights
Gothic Looking Candle Holders (tea light, votive or taper)
Black cat statues
Gothic Scene Setters
Battery Operated String Lights, purple or green
Creepy boxes
Bats of any type
Rats of any type

Loves: Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas


Creepy Dolls or Toys
Excessive Gore

I am ok with glitter!

Flying monkeys on standby...
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Hi all. This is my first year and I am super excited!

I don't have a spot outdoors to decorate really. I have my tiny space outside already covered. Indoors is where I'd like to concentrate.

Likes: Witches (hag witches and not beautiful witches), vintage and vintage inspired Halloween, cemeteries, ghosties, bats, thrifted items, handmade items, crowns, full size skeleton, ornate mirrors, blowmolds, Halloween poem artwork, Halloween pillows, Mackenzie Childs black and white pumpkins, Mark Roberts Pumpkins also with black and white, Cool looking witch hats, vintage halloween noisemakers or games, vintage diecuts, ornate prints, black and white prints like stripes, checkerboard, harlequin, Harlequin prints that have spooky prints intermixed, ornate tarnished silver, gothic glam, black lace shower curtain, halloween handmade or interesting/vintage art, Jim shore witches, Sleepy Hollow, Halloween purse ( I love all the jack o lantern ones and Sleepy Hollow inspired).

This year my living room will be Black and white meets vintage and vintage inspired Halloween with a huge emphasis on witches. Lots of orange and black. I use Halloween and pumpkins and vintage tarnished silver to make a gothic and whimsical space. My downstairs bathroom is black and gold with an emphasis on spiders (not scary ones but ornate or cool looking ones. last year i got the spider mirror from Joann). My kitchen is retro looking Halloween items. I LOVE Halloween dishware and jars. My upstairs Hallway is the skull area but I think I have that one covered too. The bedroom is a Halloween meets The Raven from Edgar Allen Poe. My craft and collection room is a mishmash but it holds my witch collections. The Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz is my woman. She is technically not Halloween but I love her still and wouldn't be offended in any way if she was included. I have a collection of Wicked Witch items/Oz items, and standard witch items. I also LOVE Tim Burton so anything in that black and white meets ornate gothic style is alright by me. Sleepy Hollow and The Wizard of Oz are my favorite movies. Those Killstar ghost vases are adorable.

Dislikes: Gnomes! NO GNOMES PLEASE lol They took over Halloween last year and I cannot stand for it! Day of the Dead (to me this is a religious celebration and not Halloween related), Picky about Dollar Tree items so I would rather not get more than one or two of those (and I prefer the signs)unless altered or made into something else, No Gory-type decor. I love Horror movies but that isn't really what I think of as Halloween. Glitter is okay in moderation. No bugs. I like scents but they do not always like me so I prefer to be able to choose my own there as well. Aliens or satanic items are not really appealing.

Wants the most: I would love a handmade witch silhouette made from book pages. BHG showed one of these a few years ago and I adore it. I want one so bad. Vintage blowmolds even small ones. There's a Ghost pillow with pompoms from Kirklands I adore. Vintage/inspired die cuts or artwork especially from the images you can find on my Pinterest.I love those haunted houses from Cracker Barrel that project bats on the wall behind them.

My Reaper Pinterest list is here: Pinterest
My Reaper Etsy list is here: Secret Reaper List by Pam on Etsy

I am very excited for this. I cannot wait to see what I get and to start buying for my person!


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Yea! A fellow fan! I joined her patreon this year and am just blown away by her work! It inspired me to try a couple of new things, but most of her work is way beyond my capabilities. Don't you just love her new house? Its a dream!
I love her work! So creative! Her style would look so good in my house but my husband won't let me.

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I've been a member for a while but this is my first reaper year. After last year's disappointment amid the pandemic, I'm hoping to come back strong with outdoor decor. I was looking at theming of folk horror with the small town or cult like feel set in late summer at the beginning of the harvest. I was going to play music that reflects the height of summer like "I love the flower girl" by the Cowsills, Scarborough Fair, 60s/70s era etc. Kind of in the same theme as Wickerman, The VVItch or Midsommar. I'm looking for unsettling and creepy. Something that won't scare the kids but will make the adults very uncomfortable.

Likes: Vintage, whimsical, gothic, folk horror, harvest, wiccan, witches, melancholy

Dislikes: Gore, Slasher, clowns, Satanic, devils, zombies and babies, dolls, aliens

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Love blow molds vintage motionettes, ceramics vintage,haunted mansion, universal monsters, elvira,vintage cutouts,skulls,black cats,bats,great pumpkin,phantasm want to do a yard display.gremlins,headstones creepy trees,space ship for yard.love DIY. Halloween shirts, dresses mid century styles.munsters,killer clown from outpace.
Creature of the black lagoon, chocolate,huge spider and web. Inflatables, the.birds, shining,
Halloween series. Life size props, black lights projections.haunted mirrors.old bubble glass oval photos.victorian goth pictures candleabras. Bath and body. Love vampira
Dislikes: I love.all Halloween so will love.what ever I get :)

Hellbilly Holler in Phoenix, AZ
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Hello all! This is my first Reaper event. My haunt theme is Hellbilly Cannibals. It involves some gore, grotesque snakes, rats, alligators, hillbillies, a Swamp Witch, Scarecrows, skeletons, and Jack o Lanterns.

My likes are outdoor hillbilly themed items. I’d love a large taxidermy possum, banjo playing skeletons, deer skulls with antlers, severed heads, decrepit looking Jack o lanterns, bodies that look like they crawled out of a swamp, Axeworthy ghost kit.

Things I’m not looking for: clowns, dead looking kid dolls, gravestones, movie paraphernalia, and I have more than enough skulls.

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Hello Secret Reaper,
I'm going to love whatever you send me. I'm not a picky person by any means and honestly, if it's Halloween, it's perfect! So these are just guidelines.

I'm a crafter so I make a lot of my decorations. I participate in the Halloween card exchange so anything related to that is cool (Halloween stamps, card packs, stickers, etc) It's just me, the hubby and our 3 very spoiled cats. I decorate my yard extensively for the trick or treaters.

*I don't need any more spiders! I love them but have more than enough
*Halloween socks, t-shirts and earrings
*Pumpkins of all sizes
*Black cats
*Skellies and skulls
*Cauldrons and witchy things
*Ghosts and goblins
*Reapers and ghouls
*Traditional and vintage style
*No glitter please
*Handmade is awesome!
*M&Ms candy corn flavor is the bomb and I also like regular candy corn and of course chocolate!
*B&BW sweet cinnamon pumpkin scent candles and wallflowers diffusers
*Favorite movie Trick R Treat (already own DVD)
*I'm team Addams Family not Munsters
*vampires, coffins, What We Do In the Shadows (movie and show - don't own any DVDs)
* I love frogs so anytime I find Halloween frogs, it's a win-win!

*Disney (including Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus)
*Super gory
*Slasher movie villains (Freddy, Jason, etc)
*Funko pops
Here's my Pinterest link:

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OMG I had to work to get my list-my laptop is acting funny


Secret Reaper Likes

Merry Reaper Likes

Pinterest: Shadow Black (shadowpantherbl) on Pinterest

upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange

mild glitter okay


Misc- vines-real or fake, wigs, wall art-Halloween related, unique picture frames, old keys and locks
music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect., door knockers, painted sign-general or themed or

with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time", mini tabletop

tombstones 3"-6", bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7, fire effects, "coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or

purple, mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls), scarecrow mask, anything that can be

used to decorate inside the home

Bones- skeletons (human), Vulture, and animals ( any except cat)

cemetery items-candles, moss, owls, fall looking or black flowers, urns
-anything that can be used on or in a cemetery

Victorian/gothic items- old rotary phone, ornate pic frames (Victorian or Gothic nature) 8x10 or 5x7,

Animals/Insects-bats, frogs, snakes, bugs, spiders, Vulture (featured), gargoyles, ravens

body parts/organs-

Mad Lab- plasma ball or disk, Frankenstein mask, beakers, test tubes, specimen jars, lab equipment
Medical-embalming, medical tools, medical posters, doctors bag

alien related-bodies, masks etc
Egyptian related-

Witch- plain bottles, black cat (NO skeleton), potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc, witch

masks, mortar and pestle, witch clothes, shoes

Fortune teller- zodiac material (Scorpio especially), beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol), clothes, tarot,

Crystal ball

gothic/medieval looking items, Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers

voodoo- shrunken heads, voodoo dolls, voodoo stick, foliage, tiki masks etc

hotel related(keys, key rack, luggage)

vintage funeral
treasure, coins

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol

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Likes & Dislikes
This year I will be doing a Halloween themed dinner party, anything is welcome for that.
I decorate outside with a cemetery with tombstones and a lot of different kinds of jackolanterns. I have a Hocus Pocus section with the witches, cauldron, and a big frog.
I decorate my kitchen with a witch/hocous pocus theme and usually have a Haunted Mansion theme in my dining room. I want to add some horror movie posters/items/crafted items from Jaws, Pshyco, etc to my living room this year.
Thank you SO much in advance!!! :) I will love anything!

-Door Wreaths
-Witch Hats
-Anything to do with Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch (1980's movie)
-Haunted Mansion - love anything to do with it!
-Hitchhiking Ghosts
-Halloween Baking supplies - Cupcake holders, Candy molds, Sprinkles
-Pumpkins/Jack O Lanterns
-Disney VIlians - Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent
-Universal Horror Monsters - Love the Bride of Frankenstein
-String Lights for yard - Orange, Purple, White
-Halloween/Fall Soaps & Candles (Love the fall scents like pumpkin, etc.)
-Creepy Cloth
-Spider Webs
-Strobe Lights
-Homemade/handcrafted anything!!
-Blow Molds
-Halloween Signs
-Vintage Halloween
-Halloween Recipes/Cookbooks
-Halloween throws/pillows
-Candy or homemade goodies are always welcome too
-And glitter is totally ok haha!


My Pinterest Halloween Board:

The Cackling Cauldron
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Hello my Reaper,
I'm a fan of classic and old fashioned Halloween, even a little be on the primitive side. I love the pumpkins, black cats, witches, ghosts, bats, ravens and Skeletons. I adore a eerie spooky vibe that will sends a shiver up the spine but not gory or horrific. I can't say I need anything this year but I just can't pass up a change for some Haunted fun!

No mater what you send I can promise I will love and treasure my gift and the time and effort you put into sending something to make my Haunting season that much better, Thank you Reaper.

Sleepy Hollow
Practical Magic
Hocus Pocus
Harry Potter / Magical Creatures
Haunted Manson
Addams Family
vintage Halloween
some witches boots would be amazing.
fortune teller items
I am still on the hunt for an authentic looking cauldron so if you are in an area that has great flea markets and you happen across something to fit the bill, I would be ecstatic!! Target had a really great one a coupe years back but I could never get my hands on one.
I collect glass cloches too and little wood bases, they just make such great display pieces.
spooky candles - fall scents are great
turned wood candle holders
things that go bump in the night
claw footed candle holders
I stick with traditional colors, black, orange and white, but I do like green and purple as well.
If your one of those wonderful sign makers I would really like one of those Something Wicked this way comes signs!!

I enjoy baking and cooking so something fun for the kitchen would be nice.
I'm a hot beverage drinker so I do love a cute mug or witchy tumbler for the season.

As to dislikes...
I don't care for Horror and gore, just spooky
No babies or zombies please
No into clowns or aliens either
and I don't need any pirates.

I really will love anything you send Reaper so please have fun and be creative! Thank you.

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Hi, Secret Reaper! Thanks in advance--it's so much fun to get someone else's take on Halloween, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you send!

Likes: gothic; I dabble in stained glass; old tales like werewolves, vampires, ghosts, cryptids, etc.; ravens, moons, forests, castles, haunted houses, cool lighting, spooky instrumental music (I have lots of Midnight Syndicate and Mannheim Steamroller), I do some outside decor but I focus on inside; would really love original art if you're talented that way--I'm not :); I also love to make Halloweenish desserts (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.); also a big fan of Walking Dead despite the gore lol; I have several pieces for the Lemax Spooky Village, but there are always new fun things

Dislikes: gore; vintage (blow molds, etc.); clowns; fortune-tellers, cartoonish things; cutesy things, Nightmare Before Christmas; babies; horror movie characters

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I’m normmallikeyou’s kid and take after her a whole lot. I also just moved into a house with a decent yard and more than two rooms, so I’m looking to up my game. Outside I have a cemetery that I would like to make scarier. I love going to real ones for inspiration, which is probably going to get me personally haunted. Inside usually go for a witch’s lair vibe. Would like to eventually transition part of the house to a mad scientist lab.


Harry Potter, Hocus Pocus, The ‘Burbs, Ghostbusters, Dr. Horrible, Great Pumpkin

Witchy things (Ruth Chew, familiars, spell books, potions, cauldrons, and I could use a decent broom)

Voodoo and fortune telling

Legit hauntings and curses

Vintage ephemera

Color preferences are black, orange, purple, and lime green



Folksy stuff

Skeletons for animals that wouldn’t naturally have skeletons

Scarecrows (That Goosebumps book wrecked me as a child.)
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