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Heres where to post your list!!!
Make it as DETAILED as possible!!! If it seems too detailed its probably good!!
Also, give lots of choices for people. Some people have more access to stores/ thrift stores than others. So bear that in mine and make it easier for your reaper!

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I am great with thrift store, handmade, garage sale items!
I collect witch dolls and figurines. Especially the Wicked Witch in all her forms! I have many wonderful ones from past reapers but am always happy to add to my collection!
I also started collecting ghost figurines and dolls of all kinds!

I recently started loving vintage and vintage reproduction pieces, especially from the late 50's and 60's when I was a kid.
I love crystals, geodes, gems, and stones. Either by them selves or in something.
Outdoors I am expanding my witches area. So any mask, wig, dress , cape, hat, would be great! And hands, I need witch hands! Any thing to add to a outdoor witch display, larger potion bottles, potion labels, lanterns. And creature a witch might have!
I also have a spider area, so spiders, webs, etc.
I do a graveyard. Any creepy thing to add to that. Maybe something to improve my lighting would be great!
I have some Halloween ornaments, but more are always welcome!
I would love a tarot deck!
Dislikes: zombie babies, gory, lots of blood

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In & so excited for this year's reap!

My likes: classic monsters (Universal), witches, ornaments, pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns, vintage. I collect witches' hats, jack-o-lanterns and their patterns. I love home-made/home-altered/& thrift store items.
We were married on Halloween at a costume party, dressed as the Addams Family, so wedding/couple Halloween-themed items and anything Addams-related are always appreciated.
Hobby-wise, I do puzzles, gardening, baking, and various crafting projects such as cross-stitch and jewelry making throughout the year, so anything along those lines would be great (like cool beads, candy molds, etc).

We've been doing Saturday night B-movie drive-ins in our living room the last couple of months, so craptacular movies are always welcome. We've watched Attack of the Killer Klowns, Attack of the Killer Donuts, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Rubber (borderline stinker) but we're trying to avoid the real stinkers like Manos, Hands of Fate <insert hand gesture here>. Any old B movies along the Klowns/Donuts lines would be great!

My dislikes: gorey, slasher (love the movies, don't like to decorate with it), dolls, clowns (Klowns rule, other clowns not so much), rats (hubs has an issue with those)

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  • I love vintage/vintage repro anything.
  • I'm a sucker for any type of JOL of any size or type, from cute to scary I just love them.
  • Big fan of the old horror stars, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Karloff, etc.
  • I prefer the Hammer versions of the classic Monsters.
  • Also a big fan of Paper Ephemera of all types, from classic Beistle stuff to Dollar Tree paper figures or treat bags.
  • I can always use any kind of wax tarts of any scent. I have one wax warmer going all year.
  • I like Nightmare Before Christmas but no Funkos please I've OD'd on those things & I'm now running out of places to hide uh....display them.
  • I collect Pez but not that really into the actual candy & can always use another Pez dispenser even if it's a duplicate or triplicate of ones I already have. I'm trying to stick to jut getting the holiday ones & they do have Halloween dispensers so feel free to buy any Halloween Pez.
  • Ugh I go through this with every SR. I just draw a blank at some point for some reason. Honestly for me half of the fun is just getting stuff in the mail so yeah I'm basically a kid when it comes to this stuff. As long as you don't go super gory, no clowns, not too much glitter, I'll be happ

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First, to my Secret Reaper, Thank You, I already love it!
ANYTHING vintage and folk art style Halloween would be fantastic, especially in classic black and orange and white. Really like to expand old style Halloween

will always take Ravens and Crows of all shapes and sizes. They can be folk art, candle holders, stuffed for the house and yard, any and all things Ravens. I would really love one with movement, but know that can expensive so I am happy with anything Raven related

I need black cat stuff. I could really use some silhouettes for out in my cemetery. The cats, like the ravens, can be all shapes and sizes. Vintage black cat art would be cool (it does not have to be old, just the look of the old)

the yard I would like old and creepy/classic looking. Cool scarecrows and cats and bats and ravens. I like setting a scene, not always straight in your face. I am looking to do something you would see in the Northeast in the woods. This can be owls or old signposts or anything you would see in a classic photo of old Halloween. A natural broom made with twigs would fit this well. Pumpkins and scarecrows and classic fall style Halloween.

love old Lanterns and will take them in any shape or size as well!

am from the North originally, but after retiring from the Military, ended up in the South. I miss fall. Fall related items such as leaves are ok as well. I am a fan of Robert Frost, so anything related to his poetry is good,

am not into blood, gore or glitter. For me, the hidden in the shadows is much scarier than in your face. I am not into the horror guys such as Freddy or Michael. I also do not like anything zombie related. Too me it is overdone.

really am not looking for anything specific as I have received a lot and am grateful for whatever I receive so please do not worry as it is all wonderful. Thank you

Pinterest page to show my likes https://www.pinterest.com/djhoyler/secret-reaper-likes/


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Thank you in advance to my reaper but please be forewarned. I’m a guy. If you send me glittery girl stuff or a bath bomb, especially one with glitter in it, than I won’t be grateful. I will in fact hex you! 😁 Please, NO bath bombs or glitter. Just no!!!

I am doing old school Halloween with classic monsters such as werewolves, vampires, Frankenstein, Headless Horseman, etc this year.

I will have a haunted theater so any classic movie poster or wall art. I would especially like something from the Psycho movie with Norman Bates. Preferably a poster with the old house on the hill, Norman, or the hotel featured.

Any classic horror poster reproduction from the 70s or 80s.

I am also doing a vampire scene. Crosses are needed. Cross anything! Also old looking holy water bottles, etc. Anything for a vampire scene.

I love gothic mirrors, crosses, candle sticks, etc.

I could use a Jack O’ Lantern pumpkin stack (jacks stacked on top of each other, usually three).

I am in need of “hand” candle holders, candle holders shaped like a hand. A porcelain/ceramic or resin witch hand would be nice.

I love fall and Halloween pillar or jar candles that do not smell like food with the exception of pumpkin spice. I like the smell of pumpkin spice. I don’t need votives or tea lights. Also purple taper candles are needed.

I love Halloween themed, especially witch or bat related pillar or jar candle holders.

A bleeding skull candle would be great. I don’t need any other type of skulls as I already have a lot.

I need a spooky, bare branched tree at least ten or twelve plus inches tall. Wire trees are so cool if you want to craft one.

I do not have small children and am an older guy. Please don’t send me anything “cute”.

I also don’t like gore for the sake of gore. No slasher type of items.

When I think of Halloween it is “dark and foreboding”, NOT whimsical or cute or gorey or glittery.

An old school witches hag hat would be nice.

I like Pennywise and evil clown figurines.

I have several life-size figures, male and female, that I am always looking for Victorian costumes to dress in.

Don’t need/dislike/have too much of:

PLEASE, if it isn’t on my list ask Bethene before sending it to me. I detest plastic, glitter and bath bombs! Not sure what bath bombs have to do with Halloween but have received them from reapers and could/would not use them. I don’t need aliens, gore, ornaments, masks, GLITTER, skulls, spiders or bugs, funko pops, Disney, cute stuff, movies, wreaths.

I also don’t like plastic or dollar tree items.

A used, repurposed, handmade or thrift shop item will be loved and appreciated much more! Reproductions are also fine by me.

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Likes: Bats, ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons/skulls, apothecary, ouija/fortune teller, elegantly creepy things, clowns and carnival/circus/sideshow themes, vintage and antique decorations (whether real or made to look old), sweets & candy (gummies, chocolate, and candy corn), Halloween themed lotion/bath/beauty, lights, Kawaii, Japanese horror.

Dislikes: I like things that glitter and sparkle, but not if it's loose or messy. Nothing super gorey/gutsy, body parts, bugs, zombies.

Favorite Horror/Halloween movies: The Shining, Trick r Treat, Ju-On, The Ring, Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Halloween, IT (old and new), Ghostbusters, Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Coraline.

Here's my pinterest!: 100 All Hallow's Eve ideas | holidays halloween, halloween decorations, halloween fun

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Cemetery Stuff - we set up a cemetery in our yard. We would love anything that would help add to it - tombstone, moss, silk leaves/flowers - anything to add more detail and up the spooky atmosphere. On my list of things to make is a tombstone with a bell, so an old bell for that would be great as well.
Harry Potter - I have serious regrets about not buying the Leaky Cauldron sign when it was still available - if you can recreate one we’d love that.
Witch's Cupboard Stuff/ Potion Bottles/Potion Labels
Skulls (you can never have too many, am I right?)
Wands (Harry Potter Style)
Scowling/Scary Jack-O-Lanterns
Hocus Pocus
Gothic Fence Finials
We mostly decorate outside, although inside stuff would be appreciated as well. Typical graveyard stuff mostly, although we'd love to have a whole Harry Potter/Diagon Alley section.
We have a Scottie and a Westie. Pretty much anything with Scotties and/or Westies with a Halloween theme would be cool.

Dislikes/Don't Currently Need:

Movie Character Stuff (Mike Myers, Jason, etc. - Harry Potter/Hocus Pocus are the exceptions)
Day of the Dead

Pinterest Link: halloween

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Dear Reaper
Thank you don't stress and have fun
I am going to be doing harry potter theme in my work cube which I always take over the top.
Store fronts I am doing
Owl post items I could use
Things to put in the post office boxes, mail, small packages, small spell books, potions, wands anything magical, an owl would be cool any size,
White owl
Also want to do the
Potages Cauldron shop items i could use
Cauldrons any size
big wooding spoon old looking

Other items I could use for harry potter
Flouting candles
Small suite case
Sorting hat
Cauldrons any size
wand holder
Small HP trunk
Basically anything harry potter :)

I also love to decorate my 3 tear trays for holidays so Halloween items to go into that would be fantastic. this year I want to do 1 of them a Harry Potter theme and the other one a poison apple/evil queen theme. So little items for the trays would be great. Battery operated lights mini potions bottles mini witch hats, mini wands, mini cauldrons, mini castle, maps , mystical creatures , honey dukes items candy items, choc frog, jelly beans, so on , mini sorting hat, mini quitage,
Have put examples in my pintrest page to give you some ideas

Pintrest board

Other likes
Love gnomes of any kind
Love wax melts like sugar cookies pumpkin spice, blueberry, Halloween ones.
Love bath and body works items
love haunted mansion anything.
Love crosses all shapes and sizes
Love poison apple anything
Wax beads for wax seal stamp’s
Gothic is my style
Collect avon cape cod glass
Collect vintage pepsi cartoon glasses

Be sure to check my list in likes and dislike thread I will add more things to help give you ideas

Dislikes or do not need
Do not like
No Blood
No Gore
Cute stuff
Ouiji boards
Do not need anything from Dollar Tree
No horror

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I'm so excited I put on my Halloween music list.
Dear Secret Reaper, Thank you in advance. I always love this every year. It always makes me smile. We have to do a lot of construction to our house (thanks Hurricane Zeta), but it is allowing for Halloween decorating updates! So check out the stuff under House below if that's the route you want to take.

  • Vampires
  • Psycho and the Bates Motel (the 1960 version, not the horrible remake)
  • Old horror movies especially the classics i.e. 1931 Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Invisible Man, etc.
  • Vintage Halloween
  • Vintage Halloween Advertising, especially for food, costumes, or movies (nothing newer than 1960s)
  • Vintage Gothic advertising
  • Halloween clothes (t-shirts, etc) The South can be very hot at Halloween, though. I have enough socks now though.
  • Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare (Hamlet, etc)
  • Pumpkin Carving - I usually spend around 2-3 hours carving one pumpkin
  • Actual Haunted Places (The Myrtles, Eastern State, etc)
  • Chocolate
  • Making candy
  • Halloween Recipes/Cookbooks
  • I have a 3 year old little girl who doesn't seem scared of Halloween at all! Her favorite book is called Boo Bat. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves black cats. Last year she loved watching Spookly, Garfield's Halloween, and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She wanted to watch the Great Pumpkin every day.
  • Anything homemade is welcome! I don't mind anything from Thrift Shops or the Dollar Store
  • Favorite colors: Turquoise, purple, black, white
  • The old 1980s and 1990s movies/TV (Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch British version, Garfield's Halloween, Disney's Halloween Treat, etc)
  • Our house is over 100 years old in the South. I am always trying to add decorations that are age appropriate (or at least look like it)
Here is my pinterest for ideas Allison Waldron (kingcake4brkfst) on Pinterest

Things I would love for our yard/house:
  • We can actually decorate for Halloween this year, so I'm doing a cemetery in the front yard, and a mad scientist on the side.
    • So anything having to do with cemeteries, mad science labs, or old 1900 mansions
    • Please keep in mind in rains a lot in New Orleans, and if it isn't raining it's still humid.
    • I would love things to make a fence for the cemetery.
    • Nice tombstones would be awesome too.
    • We'll have a new garage for Halloween this year and it would look awesome decorated too. I'm thinking spiders/witches.
  • I would love a sign to put in our yard that speaks of a haunted funeral home or bed and breakfast.
  • Things to put in windows (we have a lot of windows)
  • Something to hang on our back fence (thinking ghouls or specters I can put on springs or something like that.)
  • Things to hang from our trees
  • Halloween place mats, candles, doormat, dishes/cups (toddler friendly)
  • Plastic skeletons or body parts
  • Would love things to hang from the trees we have out front.
  • Our daughter really wants to build a Scarecrow. She's been asking since last year. So anything to aid in making one is welcome.
  • Would love a Countdown to Halloween Calendar.
  • Clowns (unless vintage)
  • Zombies
  • Gore
  • Glitter (unless packaged well)
  • New- Age Horror movies
  • Anything Satanic
  • Dragons
  • Disney-Our daughter thinks most Disney things are scary, especially Monsters Inc. and early Disney Villains.

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This is my first year participating. Since I usually go straight to the Party Ideas, Experiences and Recipes section I didn’t know The Big Reaper existed. For some reason I decided to look under General Halloween the other day and boy am I glad I did!!!!! I love doing stuff like this!!!!!

We are in the process of getting a new house and should be in it by the end of September so Halloween will be our first party in the new place!!!

I have mannequins I dress up every year and this year I would like to do one of them as a black plague doctor. I don’t have any of the stuff that would be needed for that so the mask, hat, cloak, gloves, etc.

I have old Coca-Cola crates that I put old items in throughout the year. I have decided to start putting things in them for the holidays so anything Halloween related that is no bigger than 2x2”. I prefer old looking stuff so nothing too sparkly or bright.

I have some Halloween jewelry, but can always use more (ears are pierced). Love long dangly earrings and all kinds of necklaces and bracelets.

I use wax melts and can always use Fall fragrances.

I have two dogs and five cats. I usually get costumes for my dogs for Halloween but not the cats (for some reason, they just do not like to wear costumes…….) Zar is an Australian Shepard and would require an XL costume. Pooh is a German Shepard/Boxer mix and would require either a L or XL. They don’t like costumes that actually come over their heads, but other than that, the sky is the limit.

I really don’t care for the Day of the Dead or Nightmare Before Christmas. I don’t mind clowns, but not really into them for decorating.

Thank you in advance!!!

Pinterest: Tvling

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Dear Secret Reaper, hopefully I kept it detailed and yet general enough to give you plenty of stuff to work with - first time I've ever done this! Seriously, though, I'll pretty much love whatever you send me, so please don't stress.

My Pinterest: Lynn C-H (gothkittylady) - Profile | Pinterest

We decorate our yard, but the theme varies from year to year (we always have lots of spiders and big webs regardless). We've finally settled on trying to do a harpy-lite version of Mommy Fortuna's Midnight Carnival this year - pretty sure someone would call the cops on me if I put an accurate harpy from that story on display in the front yard. Indoors we always go gothic with a little bit of a rustic touch, mostly in black, purples, crimsons and silver. Lots of black cats, four of which are alive. A weird assortment of owls. And furry faux spiders in all colors, shapes, and sizes. We also have an ever-expanding Halloween Village that we used to leave up all year 'round until it outgrew its display cases. And my office stays spooky 365 days a year.

Handmade or upcycled, de-stashed, vintagy and thrifted, store-bought - they're all good to me!

Likes: Cats, bats, ravens/crows and rats. Furry spiders. Owls. Anything related to fairytales and legends and cryptids. Strange old books. Weird or creepy little knicknacks. Creepy-cute dolls and stuffies, or patterns for making them. Cutethulhu. Beetlejuice, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Witches (1990), The Monster Squad, The Addams Family (1964), Ghostbusters. Creature features no matter how 'B' they are, especially old ones like THEM or Night of the Lepus or anything with a crocodilian in it. The October Country, Dracula, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Gothic, magic, and witchy paraphernalia like potion or apothecary bottles, tins, boxes, spellbooks, poppets, tarot cards, interesting stones or 'specimens', etc. New black tea blends to try, especially chais. I love gothy teacups and mugs and such too. Candy and treats? I like those, of course. Fake vines and plants, and I would kill for a mandrake. Sewing stuff and crafting stuff are great, feel free to de-stash in my direction - I sew, I weave, I make jewelry, I do paper crafts and mixed media. Seasonal wax melts. Old aquarium decor like faux rocks and coral and plastic plants, as our village has an undersea area with skeletal mermaids currently in development. DIY terrain materials for the village like dried moss, rocks, sticks for trees, etc. are all good too. Halloween-themed cat toys or fabric-covered elastic collars (our cats range in size from a dainty 7 pounds to a chonky 20). Throw in some nip and the cats will probably try to open the box for me.

Dislikes: The Raven by Poe. Also The Black Cat and The Telltale Heart by Poe. Yes really. The Halloween Tree. The Addams Family (1991) and Addams Family Values. Items that have been dip-coated with three pounds of glitter. The Bride of Frankenstein. Things that non-ironically have googly eyes. SOCK MONKEYS (you know how some people are about clowns? That's me with sock monkeys). Witches that are wrapped around a tree or crashed into the ground. Funko pops. Modern gore, satanic, asylum, slasher and torture themed decor. Bugs. Whiny, overdramatic vampires who aren't George Hamilton. Ouija boards. Crosses, upside-down pentagrams, goat heads. Kitty costumes - all eight of our cats cry and hide if we try to go further than a cutesy elastic Halloween collar. Black licorice. And Earl Gray tea, because bergamot is a plague on tea-drinking society.

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Thank you in advance to my reaper but please be forewarned. I’m a guy. If you send me glittery girl stuff or a bath bomb, especially one with glitter in it, than I won’t be grateful. I will in fact hex you! 😁 Please, NO bath bombs or glitter. Just no!!!
So I'm guessing you got glittery unicorn princess bath bombs, and not the creepy why-would-I-take-a-bath-in-this ones that turn the water black or blood red.

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Below are my likes/dislikes to give you an idea of my Halloween style. My hope is to give you enough info to have fun with but give you room to do what you do best (if you have something in particular that you love to do or make and don’t see it in my list below don’t be discouraged – I bet I would love it!) I love homemade, crafted, thrift store, re-purposed or used/secondhand items most. The only thing I am hoping for in Secret Reaper is that my Reaper has fun—whatever you pick out for me I will adore. I am lucky enough to own more Halloween stuff than any one human should, so please don’t feel the need to send me lots—I know I will treasure whatever you choose to add to my collection.

My Pinterest page is: Witchful Thinking (witchfulthinkng) - Profile | Pinterest

Indoor Decor Style: I would call my style gothic, spooky or Victorian. Think---old or abandoned mansion or haunted house (I don’t have a mansion but that’s the look I am going for). Love the eerie, spooky, dark corners, candlelight, cobwebs, and old elegance side of Halloween.

Outdoor Decor Style: Our front yard is transformed into a graveyard with tombstones, skeletons, lighting and jack o’lanterns with a gothic style fence around it, setup to look run down (which it is actually becoming after years of use in the weather). I am definitely looking to add to it (for tombstones I prefer handmade rather than store bought, and I like serious or spooky rather than funny or punny). I dream of adding a packing tape or similar type ghost some year. Anything that would go in our graveyard or materials to make items for our graveyard would be loved. Especially jack o’ lanterns!! Big, oversized, wide, normal, skinny, tall or small or anything any between. Scary, happy or any face in between. Looking at jack o’lanterns fills me with Halloween happiness, I can never have too many. If you prefer not to carve even uncarved ones I can carve would be greatly appreciated! Ravens, a cemetery sign or sign post…hands to stick into the ground…you get the idea!

Dining: I love to have Halloween dinner parties (and some spooky ones occasionally during the year when I have Spookerstar over). Anything you can think of that would go on a table or in a dining room for a spooky diner party I would love it. Examples are tabletop candelabras (thrifted, tarnished, old or new), cloth Halloween napkins, Halloween napkin rings, centerpieces, dark flowers, Halloween place card holders, Halloween dinner plates (don’t have to match -- if you find a random one at a thrift store or a couple in a store—I have a whole mismatched collection), Spooky/Halloween wine bottle stoppers, ….you get the idea.

Cocktails/Treats: I love mixing up some fun spooky themed cocktails or making treats, appetizers, food or desserts for my favorite holiday. If you have a favorite cocktail or food would LOVE to get a copy of your recipe (bonus points for putting it on a recipe card)! Also, always on the lookout for fun swizzle sticks/garnishes. And could use an elegant/gothic, spooky or decorated recipe box.

General Likes:
I have a pretty large collection of potion bottles but am always on the lookout to add a special one. Or for fun things to fill my potion bottles with.

Fake greenery or florals (can always use fake greenery) to drape from props or stemmed florals like dark flowers, venus flytrap etc. to make flower arrangements)

Ravens, bats, toads or frogs, Universal Monsters, Halloween (original movie), Trick-r-Treat movie, Christine McConnell, Vampires (original Dark Shadows/old school type), pumpkins.

Dislikes: Gore, Clowns, Funkos, Zombie babies, unaltered Dollar Tree Items, Blow Molds, scented lotions or bath stuff.

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Happy to see another Christine McConnell fan, Witchful Thinking!
Yea! A fellow fan! I joined her patreon this year and am just blown away by her work! It inspired me to try a couple of new things, but most of her work is way beyond my capabilities. Don't you just love her new house? Its a dream!

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Thank you future reaper, please have fun and don't worry, I will love anything you send me. I love thrifted and repurposed items, and anything home made would be really appreciated.
I love everything from the dark romantic old elegant Gothic side to Halloween, to the 80s slasher side.
  • I am building a collection of witchy things so anything in that vein would be appreciated
  • crystals, pretty potion bottles, cauldrons, spell books, tins, poppets
  • Divination stuff of all kinds: palmistry hands, tarot, oracle cards, would love a tea reading teacup
  • I love cats, ravens, crows and critters of all types
  • Graveyard /ancestor altar stuff like pretty frames, candles. Would love a home made gravestone, but I know it's hard to ship
  • Being in the UK, bath and body works stuff is a real treat...anything would be great. Not fussy on scents, I love it all.
  • Seasonal wax melts and candles, I always have one on the go
  • I'm a big fan of Christine McConnell, so anything in her creepy, classy, creative vibe would be awesome
  • NBC, Sleepy Hollow, Hocus Pocus, also Bates motel type stuff... subtle things that I can leave out all year round
  • Halloween or Gothic themed Plates, bowls, bakeware, spatulas and measuring spoons.. again, would use this all the time
  • My fur baby is a beautiful chonky birman, she loves to be included so any catnip treats or toys would go down a storm
I'm in the process of making a pinterest page to give some inspiration as to my taste. Thank you for taking the time to stalk me :)
(38) Pinterest

On the 'no thank you' side, I'm not too crazy about masses of glitter, zombie babies or the cutesy side to Halloween.

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...most of her work is way beyond my capabilities. Don't you just love her new house? Its a dream!
I know! Did you see the one where she fixed the wallpaper in the dining room? That was amazing.

Edit: Three of us now with lucidhalloween! Maybe we should start a Christine McConnell appreciation thread on the forum. 😂
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