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Hi all,
yet again I'm enjoying all your photos and videos, totally brilliant!! Loving all the ideas and setups (and giving us all more ideas for next year no doubt!).
Totally agree @pacman we are quite likely never 100% satisfied with our setups but it's what the victi, sorry Trick or Treaters think and appreciate of our displays that matter - and that's the really satisfying part of it, for example we've been in our house for 8 years now and people say to us they love our display and look forward to seeing it each year, that is really satisfying and appreciated (and that we collected £90 for Cancer Research just by posting a notice on our door in passing!!).
We are making great memories!!
NOTE: it's a Leap year next year and Halloween is on A SATURDAY, thinking caps are on!!

Anyway here's some shots of our humble (after seeing all yours!) display and a few vids.
View attachment 725934
Pennywise idea pinched off @pacman a few years ago!
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View attachment 725936
View attachment 725937
Argos bat is HUGE! Also our creepy pram.
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and with it's resident!
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Downstairs loo!

Now some vids:
Daytime view . . .

Night view with window projections . . .

Some more Atmosfear FX Gathering Ghouls and Phantasms Siren projections . . .

Zombie Atmosfear projection . . .
Really really great set-up, love the scene setters they really make the place look spooky! The windows look great too!
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