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I will start working on mine Bethene. Thank you for doing this yet again!!!
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My Christmas is just that, CHristmas-y. I am a ornament junkie, I even have a pinterest board called ornament love. Sparkly and glittery is great on ornaments. "fancy glass" is what I adore, but also sparkly "fancy" plastic for the bottom of the tree incase of naughty kitties! I love Shiny bright style vintage from the 40's and 50's.
I am feeling nostalgic in my old age...vintage items from the late 50's the 60's and early 70's.
I love snowmen, ornaments, knickknacks, art, dolls, etc.
Old fashioned Santa;s Father Christmas style.
Christmas art work. Christmas needle work and sewing, wall hangings, table runners, etc.
Christmas kitchen towels, pot holders
Christmas themed or winter themed adult coloring books.

Halloween, I love witch dolls, I have a fabulous collection but would love to add to them! Also witch figurines.

I would love a pattern to sew my own witch doll!
Also a pattern for a Victorian style dress for a porcelain type doll that is 21-27 inches tall or so.
Adult porcelain doll,, 21 inches or taller (think a woman doll) or tiny little porcelain dolls, 6-12 inches tall. I plan at some point to make character dolls out of them, Gothic, fairy, witch, tc. So fabrics for the clothes for them would be awesome, Velvet, satin, lace, taffeta, etc.
the nostalgia thing has hit with Halloween too..I have started collecting vintage halloween too!!!
ghost figurines and dolls
crystals, geodes, amethyst , etc. also jewelry made out of them.
Candy especially chocolate
I have 4 kitties

I do love homemade. Thrift store is fine!!

dislikes, I dislike zombie babies, blood and gore

for Christmas I don't do a rustic/ country style Christmas, but I love pretty much everything else

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Okay, here's my list. I'm pretty easy to please. You can look in my profile album to see what I've gotten in the past. Loved it all. Gives you ideas of my tastes. Also in my profile album you will see ... props I would like to have. That can give you ideas. I love love love homemade. I like scary and Halloweeny. I squeal with delight in blow molds. But I have a lot of Christmas and halloween. So maybe another holiday. I like kitchen witches. Maybe one with light up eyes or one that plays music. I would like a 12 inch troll door and an eight inch troll window (Give or take) to go on a tree trunk. Someone could make me a nice size venus fly trap with teeth or a tongue. Maybe a plastic fridge ghost, batterie operated that goes in the fridge and says phrases. A smudge stick. And a smudge holder. A walking dead dog tag. A vulture or a buzzard. I don't have much in the way of werewolves. So the skys the limit. I would like some DVDs. Or VHS. But only the ones mentioned. I would like a tape of Susan lucci playlng a scrooge part. I have about every Christms Carol or Scrooge tape there is. So please, just the Susan lucci one. I would like a DVD of the walking dead part 6. I would like dvd season 5 7 8 9 10 of smallville. I would like a dvd of lost, season 1. I have season 2. I would like season 2 of the witches. I also would like an orange or yellow Christmas tree. 36 inch would be okay. I have a champagne one already. So make sure its yellow. A few years ago one of my reapers made me some clothing for my standard size flamingos. They were awesome. I got a dress suit for a Male. A witch outfit. A Turkey outfit. And a Santa outfit. If anyone is handy they could make me more. Maybe a bunny, a leprechaun, a ballerina, a bride, bride a maid, etc. I would also like some skeletons. Maybe of a snake, dragon, cat, buzzard. I have a lot already of other skeletons. I also like solar lights for the yard. They can be characters or just nice sticks. I love cameo necklaces. I already have a skeleton womans head. I have quite a few. Hobby lobby has some really pretty ones.

Dislikes...gory, cutsie, glittery, zombie babies, candles, dolls made gory, I'm not into masks, no towels, no cookie cutters, and no cake pans. have plenty of the common bats, rats, crows, ravens, door bells, door knockers, and crashed witches. But unusual is a go.

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I honestly just like getting mail! It doesn't have to be homemade or expensive for me to love it.

Likes for Halloween:
-Vintage or vintage repro anything
-I love JOL/pumpkins
-I'm a big Hammer horror fan
-I'm also a big Frankenstein fan
-Paper ephemera like Beistle stuff or even Dollar Tree paper cutout stuff
-Kitchen towels

-The older I get the less gore I like.

Christmas likes:
-Snowmen/women, especially vintagey ones but I love all of them really
-Vintage/vintage repro anything
-I LOVE getting ornaments of any type so when I put up the tree every year I can say "oh here's the one So&so gave me, here's the one my mother made, etc."
-I have an aluminum tree so I'm always on the lookout for vintage pink ornaments for it. Not fancy ones but just simple, glass balls, preferably vintage but any pink ones will work. The simpler the better, no flamingoes or unicorns or anything like that, just simple stuff.
-I'm also a sucker for ribbon candy.
-And oddly enough, those Hickory Farms type of boxes of sausages & cheese. My grandparents got one every year so it's a nostalgia thing for me.I really do love them & end up buying one for myself every year because no one believes me when I say I actually like them. I also don't mind weird fruitcakes either for the same reason.
-I collect Santa's dressed in white, especially ones that look like Old World belsnickels, like this with the tree in his right arm. If it's on the opposite side that's great too.

-Once again, clowns
-The red truck stuff that's in fashion at the moment. I don't get it & don't need it.
-Which goes along with the rustic looks that I'm not fond of either, so no tartan covered bears, sissal covered ornaments, burlap anything.
-I'm a red/green/silver/gold kinda Christmas person so no pink trees, no beach themes,no antler ornaments, no Santa's on motorcycles, etc.

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CHRISTMAS-I love anything cute especially reindeer

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shadowpantherbl/


upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange (deepish orange)
mild glitter okay

FOR CHRISTMAS-I like anything cute especially reindeer and animals- https://www.pinterest.com/shadowpantherbl/merry-reaper-ideas/

WEB SHOOTER-used or homemade
vines-real or fake
creepy cloth
cemetery items-candles, moss, owls-anything that can be used on or in a cemetery
dead, fall looking or black flowers
plasma disk
ash urns (something that looks like it will work)
Halloween wall art
Old keys and locks
Masks (especially Frankenstein and witches)
Spanish moss
Door knockers
Mini tabletop tombstone (3”-6”)
Bone cameo wall art
Primitive stuffed cat
Animated props
Fire effects
“coffin” curtains (black, grey red or purple)
Table cloths
Styrofoam heads-Frankenstein, Witch, Skull

skeletons (human or animal-NO CAT)
skeleton parts

vultures-bone or feathered
black cat (no skeletal)

Picture frames
Wall art
vintage hats or handbags for props
Candle holders
White gown for making beloved tombstone

Victorian Hotel
Key rack
Staff clothes
General clothes
vintage hats or handbags for props

Mad Lab/Doctor
Frankenstein mask
medical tools
medical posters
specimen jars
lab equipment
Medical bag

Anything related to

Anything related

Potion bottles with contents-eye of newt, wishbones, bat wings, bones etc
Plain bottles
Mortar and pestal

Fortune teller
Crystal ball w/ stand
Tarot cloth
Tarot deck
Head scarf
Gypsy jewelry
60’s style beaded curtain

Anything that looks medieval
Candle holders

Shrunken heads
Voodoo dolls
Voodoo walking stick/staff
Tiki masks

Tavern signs 1600’s

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lol

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Thank you in advance to my Reaper!

I love unique items. I adore thrift shop treasures and finds!!!

I do a Victorian and Olde World, elegant Christmas. I don’t like anything cute, whimsical or country.


~ Mercury glass ornaments - I do not put up a tree but want to do a basket with greenery and old looking mercury glass ornaments. Please, I do not need any ornaments other than mercury glass.

~ Holiday themed Christmas pillar candles. Pillar candles with a snowman (love snowman candles), tree, Santa, reindeer, holy, old-fashioned Christmas bells, that sort of thing on them. I do not need votives or tea lights.

~ Evergreen or similarly holiday scented jar candles. When I was a kid, we always had a live tree, so I love any jar candle that is reminiscent of a Christmas tree. Cinnamon is good too.

~ I love snowmen and would love a snowman wall sign painted on wood. On this whimsical is fine, I will love whatever you do!!! I love the vintage snowman, winter wonderland scenes!!!

~ Olde World Santa, Father Christmas or sign

~ Mercury glass or crackle glass

~ Love homemade cookies!!! I love chocolate fudge! Heck, I love chocolate in general.

My favorite Christmas candy is chocolate covered cherries, especially Queen Ann. The only exception is Brachs, which I don't care for. I love chocolates with creamy centers. I adore the Russel Stover chocolate covered marshmallow Santas/Reindeer. I also love dark chocolate covered almonds! I don’t care for caramel or the turtle candy.

I love the cheese and summer sausage baskets that are popular this time of year. I also love homemade fruit cake, especially the kind with alcohol in it. I also love those little petit four cakes.

I was a little boy during the depression years. Special food treats were huge on our Christmas wish list. Now it is very nostalgic for me, but I don’t buy it for myself much. You would make my Christmas with any of these goodies!!!!!!!!

~ Would love to have reindeer or snowflake themed pillows for my sofa! I love the ones that T.J. Maxx and Ross have. One made by my reaper would be adored!

~ Krampus sign on wood or metal!

~ Vintage Christmas (pre-1970), reproduction is fine

~ For Halloween 2019 my theme is Season of the Witch. Think traditional, scary witches and hags, not cute or whimsical. A witch silhouette painting/wall art/sign on wood would be perfect as would a witch on a spooky moonlit night stirring her cauldron. I don’t need anything on canvas.

~ Cauldron for tabletop display. Metal, ceramic or resin, not plastic.

~ Wall art with a moon and spooky trees as background on wood, no canvas, please.

~ Carnival or evil clown themed sign. Again, preferably on wood.

~ Black or red glass Victorian or Gothic anything!

~ Love vintage (pre-1970) reproduction items, Christmas or Halloween

~ Pumpkin Rot style scarecrow. Tabletop size is wonderful.

Don’t like or I don’t need the following:

- Please, nothing cute, whimsical or country. I don’t care for tartan, sisal, burlap anything.
- Don't care for caramel, turtle candy, or hard candy
- No ornaments other than mercury glass
- No Halloween ornaments
- No Potion bottles
- It's difficult for me to store canvas prints/pictures. They end up with damage.
- No Spell-books (have several).
- I don’t like a lot of gore. A bit of gore or accent blood is fine (vampires or that type of thing, but not gore to be gory).
- No Skulls or skeletons. The exception is a skull-shaped candle which would be fine. I love skulls and skeletons but don’t need more unless unique or part of a piece of art or on a poster/sign.
- No bats (plastic, rubber, latex, resin, etc.) unless they are part of something else or in art. I love bats but have more than I can use to decorate with. Bats in posters, signs, etc., are cool.
- No Creepy crawlies including spiders, mice, rats, insects, snakes.
- No Aliens
- No Babies
- No Jewelry
- No Nightmare Before Christmas
- No Movies
- No Window Clings or Stickers
- No Party favors or small plastic/rubber items
- No Miniature village houses
- No Stickers
- No Votive or tea light candles
- I don't need any styrofoam feathered crows, ravens, birds found at places like the Dollar Tree, Walgreens, etc.

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I love the pictures of your snowmen Kloey! Thank you for sharing those!

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Oh boy, how to explain your Christmas aesthetic, when there is not an actual defining term for it like ‘Rustic’ or ‘Farmhouse’ or ‘Modern’? So dear repair if I confuse you I apologize now and just know I will be grateful for what you send my way, truly. I like simple yet elegant as in less is more, so just pops of color or sparkle, also a more natural take on the décor like when people take a branch and hang sparkly stars from it, woodsy but not completely also the like old world Santa vibe, and Scandinavian-ish feel to my Christmas décor, if that makes any sense whatsoever.
-Old World Santa figure
-Vintage looking snowman
-Wreath, homemade would be adored
-Painted wooden sign, with a tree or a moose, or reindeer or anything really
-I like Moose’s, but not with plaid or cartoonish, more on the natural woodsy feel
-Ribbon candy, fudge, peanut butter cookies, hot chocolate, giant peppermint sticks
-Star lights, star ornaments
-Adult Christmas coloring book
I also have a pinterest page, if you take a peek it will help explain what I am trying to convey
I realize this is a rather small list, but I would rather have quality over quantity as I only decorate one room of the house.

Do not like-
-Red trucks

Will also update if I think of more.

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Thank you in advance Reaper! :)

Christmas Likes:
-Shiny, Glittery, Red & Green Decorations
-Bumble the Abominable Snowman (love him! haha)
-Any gingerbread decor
-Baked Goods/Christmas Candy
-Santa (any kind of Santa decor)
-A Christmas Story
-Christmas wreath for my door
-Hot Chocolate
-Throw Blanket
-Christmas throw pillows
-Elf (the movie, love anything to do with it, have the dvd already)
-Any kind of decorations for my Christmas Cookies (sprinkles, candies, etc.)
-Any kind of Christmas signs -chalkboard, paper, anything!
-Any kind of Christmas lights/decorations for outside welcome as well!
-Love anything handmade too!

Halloween Likes
-Hocus Pocus
-DIsney Villians
-The Haunted Mansion
-Hitchhiking ghosts

I decorate for Christmas as much as I do for Halloween! On Christmas Eve I have a big party with family and friends at my house. A few days before Christmas some of my family and friends come over to bake and decorate cookies all night - so anything is welcome for that! I love anything Christmas - and glitter is great! haha!

I also made a Winter Likes list on my pinterest and have a christmas board and other boards too :)

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Dear reaper thank you in advance here is a list to help you out.
Check back I will keep adding to list

Christmas (glitter is welcome for Christmas  )

My theme for Christmas outside is Nightmare before Christmas
I have created all new props for this this year. I will be doing a Christmas tree in my hearse for this scean in black and purple
Would love some coffins wrapped in the nbc paper
One of the pumpkin jack in the box would be cool. Love some nbc character stockings small ones like5 to 6 inch I could hang in hearse

My living room I have Nightmare before Christmas I am a huge fan as I am sure you can tell. Love anything NBC, blankets, candles, glasses, figures, I love it all

Inside my house is gothic
I do a gothic Christmas tree in living room in Purple and black colors. Love and gothic looking ornaments for this tree any in purple or black , purple snowflakes would be cool don’t have any of those

My big tree I love unique ornaments
Ideas of ornaments I would love big foot, Disney snow white witch, love a poison apple ornament, gothic keys, gothic wings, nightmare before Christmas, Coffins , Mini gothic photo frames , you get the idea

Kitchen I am doing a hairy potter tree this will be the first year so anything for this would be great I have very few items for this lol may have to get a smaller tree hahah . maybe a hairy potter scarf to wrap in tree , Spell book ornament , wands , jelly beans , frog
Anything hairy potter really
I am also setting up some hairy potter scean in here so anything hairy potter would be cool, sorting hat, hairy potter book, owl sky’s the limit here  this tree is for my husband I am actual surprising him with it this year

I love elf’s
I do an elf tree in my bedroom
I love all elf’s from the vintage ones to new ones
A elf tree skirt would be cool
. So elf’s are always welcome

Halloween 2019 is Mad Hatter tea party (saki twist a gothic theme not cute ) everyone has to wear a hat and if they do not they have to wear the hate I give them to ware haha
Things I could use
Unique tea cups
Unique tea pot
Unique small plates
Glass top hats I collect them
Gothic looking table cloths / runners, skull lace table cloth in black or purple bats or skulls on them would be perfect
A clear Damask table cloth
Mushroom anything from canister to cups
Stop watch
A gothic looking clock for a center piece
Hats, small, large, mini hats my Pinterest page will give you ideas. From steam punk to gothic style hats
Steampunk goggles
A purple or black gothic top hat
Love a slash top hat (from guns and roses band)
Gothic looking candle sticks
Mini chandelier does not have to work
Gothic looking candles
Battery operated candles

Other things I like
Love tea (big fan of the Disney wonderland teas Pomegranate, papaya passion fruit, mad hatter are just a few)
I also enjoy Celestial season teas like chamomile tea, pomegranate, Cranberry vanilla wonderland, cranberry apple, are just a few ideas
I love chai also 
Love wax melts, anything but Pine scent or lavender
Lanterns all shapes and sizes
Love items I can repurpose or that have been I am a Salvation Army junky lol
I collect Avon Cape Cod Red glass
Gothic looking decor
my kitchen is done with coffins and bats on cuburds year around
One of those bat door knockers from ross would be awasome
Metal cross any size more gothic looking the better
Roserys looking for all diffrent kinds to hang a bunch from metal cross
This is what i want to do
Lighting Religious item Rosary Light fixture Plant

I have a sweet pup who is my baby girl she is a Kerilian bear dog.
Love choc from dark to light

Here is a pintrest page to help you with my vision


Not into gore
Not into blood
Not into babies
Not into Clowns
Not in to super cute

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Thanks Reaper in advance. It's been awhile since I've done this and one of the reasons is because I really have too much stuff as it is but I miss the fun of it and the Merry Reaper for some reason has always been my favorite. So with that being said here is my list. I'm sure I will update it and add to it, at least up to Friday cause I leave for Harry Potter world and Disney on Saturday and won't be back til mid November. So I have til Fri to get my act together.

Likes : For Christmas
I like a traditional Christmas vibe. I don't mix Halloween and Christmas at all. I usually decorate with a woodland theme. Not really country , just woodland with deer, foxes ( love red and arctic), moose, animals, natural items like realistic pine , rustic wood ect.

Going to decorate sort of Farmhouse Christmas in my kitchen this year, I don't really have much for this. Not even sure what I want. Realistic pine , cute signs,

I really like Old World Christmas and Santa's , Nordic or Scandinavian Christmas, anything with a tradition or culture. Yule goat.
I do love Krampus even though I said no "creepy" Christmas. I like just about anything with him on it, ornaments, decor, blankets ect.
I usually use red and green ( a very dark, olive sort of green, not bright Christmas green) for colors.
I love snowflakes too.
Midnight Syndicate has a creepy Christmas CD called A Ghostly Gathering, not sure why it appeals to me but it does lol I guess the whole Krampus thing. wouldn't mind having this cd.

I'm decorating Harry Potter next year for Halloween so I wouldn't mind things to help with that.
Book boxes that look like old books would be great.
Any item that would add to a scene. Like the book boxes, to add height to items , stack and add to bookshelves. So just things that would add realism to a vignette.
I do like things more realistic than cute.
I'm adding some Fantastic Beasts to it as well. I have a Niffler and that's about it as far as Beasts go, so any kind of beastie from the movie/books. Would like a Bowtruckle ( sp?)
Ornate frames to put some headmaster portraits in would also be wonderful. Any sizes are ok, 5X7 and up
Real books that look like they would fit in that world are great too but they are sooo heavy to ship, that is why I decided to go with book boxes instead.
those "realistic" flame cauldron things ( they have a fan and an orange light that blows fabric to look like flame)
platform 9 3/4 sign, any HP sign, like Olivanders , Honeydukes, Leaky Cauldron ect.

Decorating "Haunted Farm" outside. There was a cute thread about a haunted Farmers Market around here and I liked the cuteness of it as well as the traditional look. Anything that would look cute in a farmers market. I have a ton of sunflowers and pumpkins for embellishment but could use a country wife dress for a skelly farmer's wife. or some spooky produce.

I like vintage looking decorations for Halloween as well. the Bethany Lowe look. Doesn't have to be actual bethany lowe...just example.

Misc: Just some odds and ends stuff I like. I don't typically decorate with these themes but I do really like things from
The Haunted Mansion,
Snow White witch, poison apple.
Ghosts and ghost stories,
witch stuff that is realistic, herbs, candles, books on witchcraft ect.
Bumble from Rudolph,
Yeti ( the creature not the drinking cup),

Scents/candles/wax melts : I like pine , evergreen, cinnamon, apple, vanilla. typical christmas scents are all great with me. halloween scents, patchouli , witches brew, cinnamon, pumpkin

Don't like or need:
I really don't need anything traditional Halloween at this time. I have more than any mortal should.
I don't need any actual artwork or pictures ( only need empty frames that look ornate )
Candy or Sweets.....I want them and like them but I've lost over 60 lbs and I'm never gaining it back !
Spiders, bats, rats, spider webs, skeletons
regular Santa's, really only dig the old world style or father christmas
country christmas
Don't really do the black and red checked or the Red Truck stuff.

Harry Potter stuff I already have and or don't need :
Potion bottles, have several of these ( exception would be if they are really cool or unique, the ones I have are all pretty basic)
Sorting hat
Triwizard cup

Pinterest link https://www.pinterest.com/agreg1013/

I have a lot of boards even some very old Merry Reaper boards lol. I will make yet another board that is 2018 so things will be up to date. I do have a harry potter board and a few christmas boards but they are all over the place so that is why I usually make a specific merry reaper board, I hope it helps give ideas. As always I don't ever expect the exact items its just meant as a guide. I love when my victims have active pinterest boards !! so I know how helpful it can be.

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I love Halloween first and foremost followed by Christmas. I collect frogs so I'm always looking for unique froggy items for both holidays.
Christmas likes:
I love snowmen and blue snowflake themed items. I have a collection of froggy Christmas tree ornaments that go on their own tree. I love handmade items. I absolutely HATE tinsel! Ugh! I like candles and pretty candle holders. Hot cocoa is a favorite holiday treat of mine (hate coffee). I bake cookies for everyone so anything related to that activity is cool. Favorite holiday movie is Christmas Vacation :)
Favorite colors orange and purple. I like vintage themed items. Love black cats and jack o lanterns. My favorite Halloween movie is Trick R Treat (already own it) . I love anything that lights up or makes spooky noises. I think I have enough skeletons and skulls now. I have a small collection of Spooky Town items and am always adding to it.
Hope this helps!
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