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Every year I see tons of people on the forum talking about the different skeleton offerings. Home Depot, Big Lots, and Crazy Bonez were the biggest contributes last year, but there is always room for more skeletons in our bone-yards! I thought it would be nice to have one place where all new skeletons can be posted and discussed! So I'll start with Crazy Bonez's new offerings this year.

Dragons! They might be small I can't tell
Unicorn Head! Would be nice to put on a spare horse... if it comes in all bone color
Snake! Appears to be a new head mold
Puppy! Comes in standing also
New Kitty!
They also have tons of new color variants on their offerings. Not my thing, but maybe some of you are interested.

If you've seen any new skeletons, let us know! :)
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