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Here we go Folks!!!! the main event in reaperdom, the "Big" reaper!!!,
The Rules are.... (Please read, many issues could be solved by reading them!)
If you are a new member, you must have 15 posts to sign up, it's easy to get them, so no big deal. Due to unforunate issues in the past I have had to deal with.
Sign up begins July 14,2018.
End of Sign up Is August 15, 2018
Shipping deadline is Sept 15, 2018
The gifts value must be $20.00, give or take a few, not including shipping costs.
The gift can be homemade, store bought, thrift store, or a combination, depending on your victims likes..
the gifts maybe Halloween related, or a magical, fairy, steampunk, etc. to give folks a easier time of list making!
You Must get a tracking number when you ship,
You must PM Bethene with the number when you ship
PLEASE post that you received your gift, as well as PICTURES!!!!!!! Your reaper will want to know that the gifts arrived safely
If there is a issue sending a gift, either late shipping or some other issue with shipping CONTACT ME!!! I can't solve a problem I am aware of!!!!
If you don't send a gift, with out contacting me with the issue/problem. you could be banned from further reapers, I am very forgiving and lenient , but I need to be aware of what is going on.

If you agree, PM Bethene with the following information:
Name and address
Your like / dislike list (themes, or other things to help your reaper, party, outdoor haunt, etc. ) PLEASE PLEASE make it as DETAILED as possible, I makes it so much easier !
Shipping preference, USA only, USA and Canada, Canada only, Anywhere (Europe, etc)

Lets have a fun reaper, Let the stalking begin!!!

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Break out the tents, pillows and string lights!! Get the bar stocked and ready, glitter bombs prepped and make sure the Ninja Gerbils are warming up for the big month of bethene list stalking!!! Come on, guys! It's party time in bethene's bushes!!!!

(Newbies be like, what the heck is this witch talking about?! Hahaha! :D )

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YESSSS!!!!!! I am so happy sign up is officially here! I am working on my likes/dislikes and will get my official sign up sent to you bethene but I am definitely in. Thanks for getting us all setup WitchyKitty---my the celebrations begin!

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And yes, I'm a newbie, not sure what the ninja gerbils are!
They go back years of Reapers, lol. They may even go back further than I have been doing them, so I am not sure were the legend has started. As for the last several years, though, it's even still too much to explain, and funnier to just witness, yourself, over time...but what little I can easily explain, is the Ninja gerbils are specially trained gerbils that get called in to do recon work at bethene's house when we are getting anxious and impatient to know if she has started making Reaper/Victim match up lists (along with many other, zany plans we all come up with in bethene's bushes in her yard...you will see...). bethene has cats, so only the Ninja Gerbils have the cunning, smarts and stealth to get in and out undetected...usually...sometimes...

The gerbils have, also, been known to bartend, drink themselves stupid, be medically trained, get in on water fights in the bushes...oh, the list goes on. The best I could say is to either go back to old Big Secret Reaper Sign Up and Discussion Threads and read through it all...or simply sit back, stay updated on this thread, daily, join in the fun and see how all the craziness goes down each night when we all start getting overtired, hahaha! Oh, the weirdness and awesomeness I have both witnessed and been apart of over the years...enjoy, newbies...enjoy!
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