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here is where to put your likes list, the one thing I ask, is PLEASE PLEASE make it detailed, examples:

instead of I like witches, what about them? Do you want a spell book, potion bottles, wiccan items, broom, witchy wreath or signs. It will help your reaper, and keep you a happier victim!!!

Kitchen/Green Witch
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Okay, here's my detailed list, lol. :D (I may add to this before sign ups end, so if you are my Reaper, please check here to make sure!)

I am running out of room for lots of little decorations, so things I can actually use would be more needed, though I'd love a decor piece or two if you found or made something you thought I'd love. I just don't have room for a whole box full, lol.
Indoors we have a Vintage, Rustic and Victorian style with a touch of spooky/creepy/hauntedness and a little cute/fun/whimsy. For Fall, I decorate in natural Fall colors and, for Halloween, I use orange and black with touches of green, silver and white, but other colors are okay as accents. Outside we have a cemetery with handmade stones. I made a pumpkin head scarecrow. We have JoLs all over the front porch. You can see pics of our current decor in last year's album on my profile page.

We have a 2 foot tabletop Halloween tree with Vintage ornaments. I still need a little tree skirt for it. Colors would be orange, black, white and silver, mostly.
(The tree is about 14-15 inches at the widest bottom branches.)
We would LOVE some Halloween/Fall treats! Halloween themed chocolate bars, chocolates, candy, sodas, cookies, hot chocolates, flavored popcorns, coffee
(for my husband)...any tasty snack in a Halloween/Fall theme. If you live near a Cost Plus World Market, they always have awesome stuff like that. Places like
HomeGoods, Target and such have them, too! Anything you think looks fun and yummy that you can find near you!
Jim Shore Halloween/Fall figurines
LED string lights-orange,purple and/or green
Halloween/Fall Candy Molds
LOVE Halloween PJ pants (Size Small Womens...not all black, as I have cats and lots of cat fur that sticks to black, lol. Some black on them is okay, though.)
Halloween Fuzzy or Crew socks
Black or brown poseable fuzzy spiders
Jar Candles, Wax Melts/Tarts- I have a Pinterest board so you can see the types of scents I like. (Nothing with pine or patchouli.)

Witchy stuff- No ugly, deformed witches or too cutesy, either. I prefer pretty, sweet looking witches, or traditional Halloween witches. Natural witch/magic stuff.
Cats, Owls, Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns, Ghosts, Skeletons/Skulls. Bats, Spiders, Rats/Mice Crows/Ravens, Scarecrows (spooky/creepy burlap or pumpkin
head ones)
Mercury Glass and Metallic Halloween/Fall items
Halloween/Fall bowls, glasses, mugs, serving plates/dishes, bakeware, ect.
Anything Fall/Harvest- pumpkins, apples, grapevine, berries, acorns, hay bales, burlap, corn, spooky trees, fall leaves, wooden crates, ect.
Vintage Halloween: witch, cat, owl or pumpkin themes
Cute is okay if it's something you think I will really like, just not overly cute/kiddish or too much of it, though cute owls and kitties are always acceptable!
Painted wooden items and assorted crafty items/props you all make so well
I love Harry Potter stuff, especially Hedwig
Love Hocus Pocus, especially Binx

Clowns/dolls, Zombies, Gore/gross stuff, Bugs (except Spiders), Satanic things, Aliens
I'm a vegetarian, so no dead animals/parts, real leather, real bone, ect.
Movie characters such as Freddie, Jason, Saw, ect.
Pirate, Scientist, blow molds (unless it's a small, vintage tabletop light up blow mold)
No glitter, unless it's firmly sealed and can't fall off.
Potion Bottles- I have too many...unless it's a cool mercury glass one. Nothing with dead animal parts on the label, though, like wing of bat, ect.

I have a Pinterest page with quite a few Halloween/Fall/Witchy boards you can peek through! https://www.pinterest.com/bdnd05/

I have lots of things I love that I probably forgot to put on this list, so, you can scroll through all of my Pinterest boards, posts, pics and such for additional ideas for me! You can check out my decor albums from the past couple years, here, on my Profile Page, too, to see what I have and how we decorate! Have fun with it! Thanks, in advance, my darling Reaper!

Things I added after I sent my original list to bethene:

**I love Hocus Pocus...I especially love Binx!!!

**I added in that if you get me PJ pants, or any clothing, that all black is a no go, as I have four cats and their fur sticks to all black or dark navy clothing items!

**On the topic of cats...I have three girls and a boy who love kitty toys and catnip!

**I love Halloween/Fall throw pillows, too!! Again, same as clothing, not all black because of cat fur...though some materials don't attract cat fur as much.

**I should have added, above: When I say Halloween treats, I mean maybe one or two little fun, specialty seasonal items, not necessarily stuff like a bag of Snickers that I can buy at the store, myself, lol.

**I love Pusheen the cat! Halloween themed Pusheen stuff would be awesome! (The only one I have, currently, is the Pusheen kitty sitting in a pumpkin mini plushie from those little blind boxes.)

**For the LED string lights...not battery operated, just regular plug in ones, please.

**I could use a couple inexpensive, feathered, closed wings, non glittered fake crows...small ones like DT used to carry before they decided to coat them all in glitter...

**I saw a bunch of yummy smelling, fancy Fall/Halloween bar soaps and pumpkin shaped bar soaps at HomeGoods. I took a pic and pinned it to my Halloween Indoor Ideas and Fall Decor Pinterest pages...One of those would be fun if you see one. I didn't read the ingredients of any of them, but whatever one looks the most natural...animal friendly/cruelty free is even better!

**Also at HomeGoods, I saw a realistic white skull, a little smaller than lifesize, that had a beautiful, metallic green pattern all over it. I forgot to take a pic and wish I had purchased it.

(I should note: Anywhere that I talk about HomeGoods, these items could be found at Marshalls or TJMaxx, too, as it's all the same company. I don't have a HomeGoods or a TJMaxx, and always have to go out of town to get to these stores, so that's why my lists tend to have items from these places, as I love these stores, lol. Same with Cost Plus World Market. My Future Reaper doesn't have to get me stuff from these places if they don't wish to or don't have these stores, either, I am just giving some specifics along with general likes to help my Reaper out as to things I like!)

Kitchen/Green Witch
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Such an excellent likes and dislikes list. I need to put more thought into mine. WitchKitty just checked out your last years Halloween photos and you are not kidding about the treats. You must be a pastry chef! Very impressive.
Beautiful graveyard as well!
Lol, thank you. I do work in a bakery, but I have been baking since I was just a kid. I'm basically self and family taught. I can't wait to see your list and everyone else's!

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Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shadowpantherbl/


upside down pentagrams

I like tastefully gory (not sick gory)

Colors I like: Green, blue, red, purple, black, grey, burnt orange

mild glitter okay

WEB SHOOTER-used or homemade
vines-real or fake
skeletons (human or animal-NO CAT)
cemetery items-candles, moss, owls-anything that can be used on or in a cemetery
dead, fall looking flowers
Victorian/gothic items
vultures-bone or featured
skeleton parts
body parts/organs
plasma ball or disk
Frankenstein mask
medical tools
medical posters
specimen jars
lab equipment
alien related
Egyptian related
potion bottles
plain bottles
zodiac material (Scorpio especially)
Fortune teller related
jewelry-any kind of odd/costume junk (garage sale/second hand store)
beaded curtains (think 60’s-lol)
bird cages
unique picture frames
gothic/medieval looking items
old keys and locks
shrunken heads
music sounds-like bubbling, wolves, wind ect.
voodoo items
Gothic candle holders/candelabras/chandeliers
old rotary phone-victorianish style
Spanish moss
door knockers
witch related
painted sign- with "Shadow World Haunt-Haunting the world one nightmare at a time"
mini tabletop tombstones 3"-6"
ornate pic frames (victorianish) 8x10 or 5x7
bone cameo's 8x10 or 5x7
potion bottles-eye of newt-bat wings-bones etc
coiled bottom and elongated standing cobra (like it would sit in a basket and coming out)
old ink well
victorian clothing
primative stuffed black cat
mortar and pestle
animated props
voodoo dolls
Candle holder (vintage or gothic)
fire effects
jungle related
hotel related(keys, key rack, luggage)
doctors bag
mad lab items
"coffin" curtains in black, grey, red or purple
hanging spider cocoons
mantle/table clothes (lace with webs or skulls)
tiki masks
vintage funeral
pirate treasure
pirate coins
scarecrow mask

anything that can be re-purposed (candle stick holders metal or wood, candle stands, old plant stands, trays, etc.) You never know what you can come up with using other things. Example I just tore apart an old lamp and am turning it into a lantern and a candlestick holder and the rest not sure yet. Metal stands, mesh trash cans anything that can be re-imagined.

I like lots of things and odd works for me too. I am not picky other than dislikes. I do a lot of shopping at Goodwill and second hand stores. I can use anything in any theme except carnival. That theme just creeps me out for some reason-lo

Spookiest Lady in Pa!
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My likes:
I'm obsessed with witch's/witch themed decor/props, spell books, potion bottles, witch themed signs and wreathes, wiccian items, witch figurines, skeletons, bones, skulls, spooky/creepy dolls, flameless candles, any thing I could use in my witches kitchen display, gore, tombstones, anything I can use in my outdoor graveyard display, halloween related books, Supernatural(tv show), horror movies, anything Chucky related, Hocus Pocus, severed heads/hands/feet etc., spiders, halloween themed/related candle holders, fairies, halloween signs, creepy/scary scarecrows, creepy/scary clown props, homemade is ok, ghosts, masks(creepier the better)

Disney, cutsy items, glitter

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I'm so looking forward to this, I love looking through people's lists and getting inspiration!
I will keep updating my list, so please check back or have a look at my pinterest boards if you pick me and need ideas....

This year's theme needs

I am doing a Victorian asylum this year, so would appreciate anything that would fit in to that theme... In particular:
Lace table covers, ornate frames, decorative items
Creepy Dr's office stuff: Doctor's bag, Medical tools, Medical posters, wall hangings, specimen jars, medicine bottles
Body parts (can always do with a hand around halloween time.. ba doom tish) and bones, both human and animal (not real animal please!)
Mice, rats, creepy birds, ravens and crows
Lanterns pretty please! Victorian looking especially, or voodoo style draped mason jars.. any light holders

General loves and collections

I collect skulls so always welcome any additions. I've started with animal skeletons too
Cemetery items: gravestones (would love home made), candles, moss, birds
Creepy crawlies: bugs, rats, snakes, spiders
Gargoyles and items for my garden (rocks, halloweeny plants, severed statues heads etc)
Fortune teller: I have tarot and ouija, but a tarot cloth, crystal ball, bones and stones would be appreciated
Voodoo: any voodoo items, this is next year's plan! Voodoo dolls, sticks, signs, shrunken heads, bones please!
Witch: love potion bottles especially mercury glass, brooms, spell books. Not cute witch please, I like them to mean business.
I like gore, horror, 80s slasher too

Not so keen on...

Cute ornaments and miniatures, I don't really have space to display them
Not too heavy on the glitter please.. I'm a glitter magnet and end up looking like a twilight vampire.
I have a lot of spider web, so all set for that

Thank you in advance!

His name is Roger Clyne
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I'm pretty easy & my lists are usually short.

- As always & forever, I'm a fan of vintage/vintage repro anything.
- JOLs & pumpkins of all sorts
- paper ephemera (old or new Beistle stuff, dollar store stuff, doesn't matter, I'm a sucker for a cardboard/paper figure or whatever).
- I'm a big Hammer fan (Christoper Lee & Peter Cushing, especially)
- I love Karloff's Frankenstein & the Mummy (Karloff in general).
- I've gotten into Halloween/horror stickers & pins of all sorts again (the metal backed or enamel pins not jewelry-like fancy pins).
- I'm a big Nightmare Before Christmas fan.
- I love "ugly" things too. If you pick something up & think "OMG who would want this thing, it's horrid" well I would want it. See my "Ugly Things Need Love too" thread for examples.

I'm not a clown fan (unless it's one of the above mentioned "ugly" things), don't need anything overly glittered, & I say & mean this every year, I'm happy with whatever you send, homemade or store bought doesn't matter to me, because half the fun is getting stuff in the mail!

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Thanks so much reaper. Adding more as I think of things.

Hocus Pocus
spider webs
Nightmare Before Christmas
Trick R' Treat Sam
Halloween kitchen towels and oven mits
witches (potion bottles, spell books, figurines,ect)
black cats
taxidermy (fauxidermy)
crows / ravens
david pumpkins
Charlie Brown Halloween
Pan's Labyrinth
coffins (boxes,ect)
Classic movie Monsters
candles real or fake scented or not
creepy mirrors
Halloween clothes (t-shirts mens xl or womens 2xl, socks, etc)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
skeleton cameos
Edgar Allen Poe
zombies (walking dead, shaun of the dead, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead)
I like the style of the black cats they have at Michael's Like this http://www.michaels.com/cat-sitting-on-pumpkin-by-ashland/10556331.html#q=black+cat&pmpt=qualifying&sz=24&start=20

anything for a 6 year old would be appreciated by her I am sure. She loves Halloween.
I would be happy with pretty much anything. homemade or store bought are both okay with me. Thrift store/ second hand is always great!




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Here's my list!
1. Bones/skulls real or fake( a life sized human skull would be cool, also bird skulls,)
2. sideshow gaffs( I have an awesome fiji mermaid already from a previous Reaper, but things like shrunken heads and Gator Boy, or the Man Faced Fish and Fur Bearing Trout)
3. Halloween critters ( bats, rats, toads, etc.)
4. Classic movie monsters ( The Creature, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy- posters, toys, drawing, paintings)
5. Campy 70's/80's horror ( like giant ants/spiders/ lizards/rabbits/frogs, The House on Haunted Hill, The Killer Shrews those kinds of things; posters, drawings, paintings or anything else related)
6. Anything appropriate for a 6 year old
7. Werewolves
8. Zombies ( toys, figures, paintings, drawings, “remains”)
9. Cryptid artifacts; Bigfoot, Jersey Devil, chupacabra, The Yeti. Could be preserved body parts, hair samples, plaster casts of tracks, “photographic evidence”, “eyewitness” drawings.
10. Anything you make yourself, and if nothing catches your eye in my list surprise me!
11. I'm making giant spiders, black cats, and vultures for outside display, so anything that fits with a general creepy Halloween theme; moss, spider web, creepy cloth, I could use things like that.
12. Anything Cthulu/Lovecraft related; drawings, paintings, posters, artifacts

I don't really like glitter, cutesy, and no zombie babies; I'm down for most everything else though.

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My Pinterest will give you an idea about the vintage items I like: https://www.pinterest.com/AstorReinhardt/retro-halloween/


Halloween McNuggets (that I don't have)
1990 Halloween McWitch Pail (the neon green one with open eyes and a green lid)
Sheets the Ghost Beanie Baby
Goosebumps Taco Bell toys (I have the mummy in a coffin one)
Ghostbusters toys from the 1980s (slime can, figures...I have two Peter Venkman figures, one from the "power pack" line and the other one is the normal Real Ghostbusters line. Both are missing accessories though)
Goosebumps books (these are the ones I have: https://www.goodreads.com/review/list/36093681-astor-reinhardt?shelf=goosebumps going for a full set...I'd like to get the original ones, not any reprints please)
Goosebump toys/games/items (there are several board games from the 1990s that I'd love to have...complete of course)
Vintage items (blow molds, beistle, plastic toys, noise makers, ad's from old magazines, old magazines focusing on Halloween...I mean vintage stuff like 1940s-1950s)

Halloween McNuggets I have (good website to see what I'm missing: http://sydlexia.com/mcnugget_buddies.htm):

1993 Ghost and Vampire (McBoo McNugget and McNuggula [I have the witch nugget/Witchie McNugget but not the outfit and I have the monster/Monster McNugget nugget but not the outfit])
1996 Fairy Princess, Dragon, Alien (I have the rock star outfit but not the nugget)


Vintage items
Items from 1980s-1990s
Ghostbusters (NOT the female version)
Goosebumps (vintage stuff only)
Video games (Atari/NES/Genesis) [Haunted House on the 2600, Castlevania III, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street on the NES, Splatterhouse 2 or 3 on the Genesis are some of the games I don't have yet)
Nightmare Before Christmas
Hocus Pocus
Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween movies (the NECA figures for instant)
The Shining (LOVE the movie and the book. Had my eye on the Funko Pops...would like those)
Funko Pops


Super gory stuff
Overly cute stuff (a few exceptions are Hello Kitty items, Japanese Halloween items, My Little Pony items...) [Favorite pony is Pinkie Pie (the G4 one), but I like old MLP stuff too]
Supernatural stuff (magic/wicca and so forth...just not into it)
Bones (real or fake)
Newer Halloween items (hard to explain but I've seen so many Halloween things and they all seem the same now. Vintage looking new items are fine usually. But modern Halloween stuff is a hard pass for me unless it's related to something I like)
Large items (anything taller then 3-4 feet would be too much for me, I like displaying small items and figures.)
Candy corn

I think that's it? I'm an incredibly picky person I know. My theme this year is childhood Halloween...thus why I named a lot of 1980s-1990s stuff. I'd love to do a vintage 1940s-1950s Halloween theme but I just don't have enough items for it...which is also why I listed those things.

One more thing. While I don't dislike homemade goods...I'm not really...into them? I have very selective tastes and I just don't think people can craft something to fit my taste...but hey who knows. Just...keep that in mind, I'd be happier with something bought then crafted.

Head Witch
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Thank you, dear Reaper.

I’m a recycling/ environmental nut please keep that in mind. Check out my Pinterest page if you get stuck. We are doing Werewolves and Gypsies this year. Voodoo inside. Don’t stress I’m easy and I’m sure I will love whatever you send. I have 2 boys ages 10 and 12, and their fuzzy little sister (Cat) Maggie who is 7

Upside down pentagrams
Things that harm the environment.


Repurposed items
Items found at second-hand stores
I like Halloween art
Black and white pictures of Cemeteries. They line my hallway
Bones (real or fake)
Cemetery items
Witch balls
Universal monsters.
Occult things.
Lab equipment
Victorian/ Gothic
Witchy things
Chocolate & Peanut butter
Colorful cloth (gypsy tent)

They call me HeebieJeebie
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Here's my list - **subject to updates as I think of them!**

I'm not picky. Anything new or used or made is great! Glitter is perfectly acceptable (Spawn is a dancer so the Hubby accepted the fact there will always be bling in the house)

My house is really small, so I don't really need anything else for indoors, but if you find / have / made something really cool & unique & unusual for a witch's kitchen / apothecary, send it on over! I'm cool with bones.

Outside, I have Maple Grove Cemetery. The basic cemetery pretty much stays the same, but I have a bus-load of skeletons that I have do different things every year - usually doing & wearing goofy things. They're going to be trick-or-treating this year.

This year my plan is adding a pumpkin patch and I've also scored a really cool window, so I'll be making a shack of sorts for the "crazy cat lady" skellies to be handing "candy" out of.

In a nutshell....
Likes / needs
pumpkins / jack-o-lanterns (happy / traditional faces or plain pumpkins I can carve myself - but lighted or light-able either way)
those flat metal pumpkin/JOL yard stakes are awesome (I have some big ones, would prefer smaller - volleyball sized ones)
either black or obnoxiously colored material for curtains in the shack (it's going to be approximately 4 feet wide x 6 feet tall and probably 2-3 feet deep)
a beaded curtain would be awesome!
Nutcrackers! (yes, there are Halloween ones)
blowmolds of any size
basic (cheesy) costumes to fit 3 & 5 foot skeletons (black cape & fangs for dracula / straw hat & plaid shirt for scarecrow / etc) but I have a witch & cat costumes.

Blood & Gore
Name brand stuff (Disney / Peanuts / Freddy / Jason / etc)
Zombies / Aliens / Clowns

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I added a couple more items to my list..

A thank you to my future reaper.
I love witches, especially the wicked witch of the West. I collect witch dolls and figurines, while I have received several from former reapers,I I would love to have more!! I would love a kitchen witch Also would love a pattern to make my own witch doll
I also have started collecting ghost figurines, I received a stuffed ghost which is the cutest !! so something like that would be cute,
black cat figurines,
scary trees, I found one at a garage sale, so another to go with (figurine or what ever you find!)

Adult woman or teen porcelain dolls (if possible, over 20 iches, and for how to tell adult, think boobs,lol) also tiny, 5- 8 inch to make pixies,etc out of,, I have not yet , but plan on creating characters out of the dolls, so am collecting as many as I can (examples of the characters; fairies, witches, gypsy, gothic, vampire, goddeses, storybook characters, etc),....fabric too, elegant, gothic, witchy , gypsy, velvet, taffeta, tulle,etc that I can make characters outfits.
If anyone can find a smallish print harlequin patterned material, especially satiny, I would be thrilled
Narrow lace, and trims,all colors. Even thrift store people clothes, in like fancy dresses,skirts,in velvet, satin, etc. Small items for the dolls(jewelry pieces??) , examples : a bow and arrow set , sword and shield, cauldron, lantern,books,witch broom,teapot,hourglass, etc for a 20 to 25 inch doll, I would love a pattern to make a victorian style dress for a 20 plus inch doll.

Adult Halloween color book

Halloween dish towels and pot holders

Glass bowl(covered?) to make into a terrarium

Halloween ornaments and tree skirt for a 4 foot tree

. I love crystals,geodes quartz,amethyst, etc any pretty stone! lol!. Also jewelry made out of them.

Ghosts, spiders,webs, spider victim, any creepy item or character for my graveyard

Candy and goodies, especially chocolate

I have 3 kitty fur babies.

Dislikes Zombie babies, bloody and gory dolls, movies, basically no bloody and gory anything, creepy and spooky is more my style

Reaper Guardian
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To torment my Reaper by making incredibly undetailed, even vague, lists.

What? No good?



So, this year we're trying something that may become a new tradition. We're kicking off the Halloween season at the end of September by taking part in the Queen City Mischief and Magic event - aka the Potter Party, where the town of Staunton, VA turns itself into Hogsmeade for the weekend. The Deduction is doing a Hermione cosplay for this; I'm working on a Fantastic Beasts era auror impression. So something that fits in with either of those themes would be great. Except for wands. We've got the wands covered.

Actually, if you sew, and feel like taking on Hermione's bloody beaded bag, I will love you forever.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Mrs. Auditor is planning to go as a NoMaj. Unless I can talk her into doing a Fantastic Beasts era impression...she would totally rock the 1920s style...but I digress.


I have a thing for Witches. Have a small collection of Witch-related items. Statues, dolls, plaques, nutcrackers, paintings, drawings, candles, carvings, photos...wicked Witches, Wiccan Witches, funny Witches, scary Witches, sexy Witches, love them all. Shakespearean Witches, mythical Witches. Black Hat Society. If it ties in a Witch, I'm gonna love it.

Dio de los Muertoes

Sugar Skulls Rule! Real (sugar ones, not real skulls...), fake, candles, items with sugar skull and Day of the Dead motifs.


Some people seem to have a hard time with this one. Not sure why. I'm totally fine with reproductions, know how hard it can be to find originals. For inspiration, take a look here: http://www.vintagehalloween.com/

I have a special interest in reproduction vintage-y Halloween tin signs. I decorate my blacksmith shop with them. (No, that's not a set for the haunt. It's a working blacksmith shop.)

Nightmare Before Christmas

Anything Jack. Jack Skellington is my spirit animal. During a visit to Disneyland earlier this year, it was scientifically proven that I am, in fact, Jack Skellington. I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Detailed lists.

Blood and gore. A little is fine, but just a little.
I feel the same way about glitter as I do about blood and gore. A tiny touch goes a long way.

Dead or undead kids...that's a No. Grown ups, I'm fine with, but kids...no.


Mrs. Auditor is deathly afraid of clowns. I would like to stay married to her. And alive. So...clowns, total nonstarter. Hope you understand.

Bigfoot related things. They're cool, but we've had sightings here. And the Big Guy gets insulted by most impressions of him, and I like to keep the Australopithecus next door happy so...we'll pass.

How's that?

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I’m not planning on a party this year as I will be heavily pregnant in October. Im trying to focus more on my outdoor display, and may have a few people over for some ghoulish eats, because if I don’t make something Halloween related I’ll go crazy!

Gothic/ Victorian chic
Ravens and owls
Harry Potter (I’m a Slytherin!)
Dark magical items, witchcraft
Kitchen/bath decor. My upstairs bathroom has a Victorian and bat theme
Fortune teller items (I already have a crystal ball, tarot cards, and black sheer fabric, but could use some additional items of flesh out an outdoor scene)
Dragons! Bones, skin, treasure, etc.
Things to make even more ghoulish eats, like a hand mold for meatloaf, etc. I already have tons of baking pans though.
Outdoor decor. I have a few hand made Harry Potter and Doctor Who themed tombstones and a large spider web with big fuzzy spiders. I could use anything additional to flesh it out a bit more.

Movies/CDs, I have not way to play them.
Folk style, cutesy
Cheesy wording (like boos for booze)
Circus or clown items
Excessive orange
Alien anything
Horror movie characters, unless vampires or the universal classics
Glittery items, but sequins are okay. I have animals in the house and a baby on the way!
Ornaments or mini village items

I hope that is specific enough! I feel like I am learning how to draft my list better with each Reaping!

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Likes-- My pinterest page really spells out what I love about Halloween!

Nightmare before Christmas- Lock, Shock, and Barrel-- their masks would be awesome!
Trick-R-Treat Sam!
Vintage Halloween- Specifically pumpkins/witches/ghosts- paper decorations, retro inspired looking blow molds. I'm not looking for necessarily vintage goods- just things that appear vintage.
Bethany Lowe Halloween looking items- shelf sitters or items to display.
Vintage blow molds- would love anything haunted house, but appreciate any. Can't go wrong with a good ol' jack-o-lantern!
Old school/ vintage looking jack o lantern treat pumpkins
Old school/vintage looking devils
Skeletons/and or/ bones that we could have outside in our graveyard.
Different animations for our Halloween Fx projector (bought it at Home Depot!)
Spiders to hang up outside in our graveyard. We cover our entire house with spiders of all sizes!
Spiderwebs / beef netting to make realistic looking webs
Moving portraits (the ones when you look one way are something, then another way and they morph into something demonic/gross/scary). Love the black and white or antique ones.
Ghosts/spirits I could hang up. Would love a cocooned corpse- it would totally go along with our spiders that decorate our house.
yard breakers
clever tombstones. We add to our graveyard every year!
New jack-o-lantern carving patterns. We use them up every year and always looking for some fun ones!
Old school masks-- classic characters= like a witch, devil, ghost, Frankenstein, werewolf,etc.

Excessive glitter
Clowns. Hate them.
Zombie anything

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I finally sat down to make a list. I will probably think of other things later and need to edit but here we go


Inside we decorate Victorian/Gothic/Spooky library/Creepy Plant Conservatory. Would like anything to make more creepy plants like dolly arms, vines, vases, … love anything thrift store/repurposed.
We have a curiosity cabinet that could always use something more.
I love black and white graveyard photos. Some day want to do a wall of them.
We love entertaining. Your favorite Halloween music would be fun to play in the background. We have a lot of wine glasses but platters, bowls, beverage napkins would be welcome.
I purchased the barnacle bust from Grandinroad. Thinking of decorating them bathroom with spooky/nautical theme and that might extend outside for the theme next year with pirates. Anything you think might be good for this room.
Theme outside this year will be Coco (Dia de los Muertos) in our graveyard. Need lots of orange and red flowers, plastic picados, pvc candles, fake food, anything to dress up the skeletons, etc. We have some homemade and some store bought grave markers, some fencing, a few skeletons. Plan on painting their faces. Might even try and paint the skeleton dragon and horse. Need anything for lighting in the graveyard. Would love your ideas for this area.


Too much blood and gore
Zombie babies
Too cutesy

I already have too many:

Potion bottles
Candles and candlestick holders
Bats, rats, snakes, spiders

Favorite items from years past have been homemade things like framed poisonous plant photos, flower arrangement in a skull, vampire killing kit, corpsed pumpkin, hand painted items like recipe box or paintings…anything handmade actually. I would love to add your crafting masterpiece to my collection.
I thought I had photos of our decorations on my profile but when I just checked there are not longer there. I will see if I can upload some before the reaping begins. Thank you in advance my lovely Reaper!


I finally uploaded photos of the decorations from last year. That took forever!

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Cauldrons, Witch/wizard Hats, Spell books, Brooms, Wands. Anything to do with Harry Potter (Hufflepuff . I would really like some good potion recipe pages. The only think witchy that I don't like is the crashed witches and the curly toed witch shoes.

Black cats, ravens, rats/mice, owls, bats, spiders, DRAGONS, wolves, mythological creatures of any sort. skulls/skeletons. I've been collecting the Crazy Bonez animals the past few years

Hocus Pocus movie:
I love every bit of that movie! black flame candle, my own Book… Anything really!

The Addams Family (from the TV show specifically):
I adore Gomez and Morticia! I would love a Thing or Cousin It prop.

The Classic Monsters:
Dracula/Vampires (not twilight). frankenstein and his bride. werewolves/wolfman, mummies, etc.

candlesticks, candelabras, LANTERNS, string lights, Black lights!

creepy plants:
eye ball plant, fly traps, even some creepy looking fake plants for fish tanks just as long as they aren't neon, etc

I like all ghosts. even cutesy ones!

bust statues:
I once heard someone mention a 'hall of ancestors' and I love that idea and would love some busts to start my own 'ancestor' collection

Graveyard: headstones, spooky trees (love trees!), pumpkins/gourds/jack o lanterns

Haunted Mansion: disney version or otherwise. A madame leota would be amazing. Anything that could give the home interior a spooky vibe.

Zombies are okay. I do have a neat zombie poster and a life size standing zombie prop that could use some other things to go with it so its not so random.

I would like to start collecting faux specimen jars or oddities, as of now I have very very few things and I'd LOOOVE some more! haha

I can always use more creepy cloth or a spider web or 3.

Anything that is antique or old looking is great. Homemade things are awesome!

Halloween Dislikes:
baby dolls, excessive gore, cutesy things, clowns, serial killers, and i don't dislike it, but i'm not a huge fan of nightmare before christmas.
No potion bottles this year, my collection is getting a bit large!
NO outdoor decorations please!

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Here’s my list! I’m so excited and love reading everyone’s lists!


Horror movies- Love love love all different ones. Some of my favorites are Nightmare on elm street, Critters, Candyman, classic universal monsters like wolf man, Dracula, Frankenstein, American werewolf in London. I love everything to do with horror movies. Some ideas would be posters, toys, figures, handmade items. I own most of the actual movies so I don’t need those. I love horror enamel pins also. Our media room is all horror movie themed so things to go in there would be awesome,like pillows, wall plaques, magnets stuff like that. All that stuff stays up year round.

I am also pretty obsessed with owls.

This years party is going to be a mix of everything we’ve accumulated over the years. So just about anything is good.

Owls, Spiders, bats, skeletons, black cats, witch items like spell books, brooms, witches hats and cauldrons are all great. Plastic animal skeletons.

Lighting would be great too. Rope lights in white red or orange. Colored bulbs. Candles in fall scents (apple or pumpkin) the Leaves candle from bath and body works is my all time favorite.

We love Nightmare before Christmas. We are looking to add a Zero to our outside display this year.

Love Halloween themed mugs.
I find myself in need horror/ Halloween coasters for my table.
We are trying to gross out are party guests this year so edible bugs would be fun for our party.
Glitter is fine.
We have a Halloween tree and would love to add more ornaments to it.
Candy and treats are always welcome at our house.

Here’s my Pinterest also to get more ideas

I will add more as I think of things, so keep checking this list!

Retro Halloween stuff is not really my thing
Baby dolls
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