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2016 Halloween Bonfire

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Our annual bonfire is the first Saturday in October so it was really early this year. This was year #12 and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Over 70 people, lots of food, drink & laughs. I do the decorating with a bit of help from the hubby.
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Hi Stochey, Well, we start with approx. 50 lbs. of homemade chili, and drinks (3 different beers, lager, 6 different wines (we make our own), and everybody brings something. There's always hot dogs as we have a hot dog roller and just added a popcorn machine this year. Then whatever shows up-- wings, Swedish meatballs with noodles, couple pizzas, lots of snacks and desserts. Nobody leaves hungry!
Thanks for the kudos, I was pretty pleased but it was hard to get a good video of the vortex swirling in the background.
Jenn& MattFromPA, what part of PA are you from as I am in the lower Pocono area? Maybe we're neighbors!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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