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2016 Halloween Bonfire

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Our annual bonfire is the first Saturday in October so it was really early this year. This was year #12 and it just keeps getting bigger and better. Over 70 people, lots of food, drink & laughs. I do the decorating with a bit of help from the hubby.
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Sounds like a good time to me! We set up our fire pit in the driveway the night of Halloween, which is when we host an Open House kind of party. It's so nice to relax around it! I bet everyone had fun & your decorations look great!

Hi Stochey, Well, we start with approx. 50 lbs. of homemade chili, and drinks (3 different beers, lager, 6 different wines (we make our own), and everybody brings something. There's always hot dogs as we have a hot dog roller and just added a popcorn machine this year. Then whatever shows up-- wings, Swedish meatballs with noodles, couple pizzas, lots of snacks and desserts. Nobody leaves hungry!
Thanks for the kudos, I was pretty pleased but it was hard to get a good video of the vortex swirling in the background.
Jenn& MattFromPA, what part of PA are you from as I am in the lower Pocono area? Maybe we're neighbors!
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