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2015 save the date!

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Has anyone started on their save the date invites? I would love some inspiration from you guys! Ones you are using this year or from past years would be awesome! I'm hoping to get mine done next month and sent out by the end of August. When do you all think is the "ideal" time to send them out?! I can't wait to get started ?
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I can't say I've ever done a Halloween save the date so I'm not sure but I would try to tie into what ever theme you are going with. How are you decorating?
I've never done a 'Save the Date for my Halloween party either. I just make sure to get my invite out a month before the party so ppl have time to plan/shop for costumes, get babysitters, etc. I would agree with a_granger on tying it into your décor.
Save the Date things seem like a waste of time & money to me no matter what it's for, whether it's a wedding or Halloween party. Plus it's just one more thing ya gotta do & worry about. If you're sending them out in August you only have less than a month or so before you'd send out the real invite so why bother? More work isn't what I need at this time of year.

The people you're sending them to don't do much with them either. The only one I've ever kept was a cousin's wedding magnet because he is a close cousin, the others end up in the trash or recycling bin. I open them, look at them, shake my head at the waste of time & money & go "huh" & move on to wait for the REAL invite.

Sad but true in my case anyway. I think it's just another way the wedding industry has figured out to screw the soon-to-marrieds & other party givers outta their money.

If you must do this, do an e-vite reminder. Just a "heads up" kinda thing. It will take less time, you can still add in your theme.
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I usually do a Facebook Save the date, then closer to the party I change it to a regular invite, but I send out a homemade invite a little over a month before the party. I know some people need a little more time to request off work. I have a few people in the nursing field that get scheduled months in advance.
Thanks for the advice! I've been so busy I haven't even had time to get back on here. And I really think I should just skip the save the date and get started on the actual invitation ASAP!! Now that August is here, Halloween is all I can think about!
83 days and counting!! ?
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